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What the School's been up to.

Photo netball in Bell's sport centre 8.6Kb

Bells Sports Tournament

On Wednesday 14th March, eight pupils from Dunning Primary School went to Bells Sports Centre and played in a netball tournament. They played against Hill A, Errol, Caledonian B, St Johns. We lost one game which was against Hill A. The score was six nil but the rest of the games we drew. The scores were 0/0, 1/1, 0/0. When we played against Errol a girl that was on the Errol side stood on one of our player's toe and pushed her over by accident, so our team got a penalty but we missed.

There was a five a side football tournament on the same day, with loads of school teams. The teams were very competitive. When our team wasn't playing we sat down in the stands and cheered on Dunning B team. Dunning A team gave away free kicks because they kicked the ball over head height and the ball wasn't allowed to go over head height. Dunning A team lost all their three games. The scores were 4-0, 2-0, and 2-1. It was hard to score because we were not allowed in the penalty area. We had a surprise because we thought the ball was a foam ball but actually it was a hard ball. If we got bored waiting for our games we went round to the side of the pitch to play volleyball.

Planetarium stars 6.8Kb

Planetarium Visit

Dunning Primary School had a visit from the planetarium. A man who worked on Astronomy for many years told us about the eight constellations. They were called The Great Bear, Orion's Belt, Gemini Twins, Seven Sisters, The Plough, Taurus the Bull and an other one called Queen something - we can't spell it! He told us about the planets in outer space as well. Some planets were dangerous to land on because of the gases. Mars has been said to have fresh water underground.

We crawled into a black inflatable dome. Everything was dark and we looked up and saw the stars. At the end all the stars went whizzing round and made us all dizzy! We really recommend this to any one.

New school library 5.24Kb

Library Club

Dunning Primary School has recently had the old school house done up. One of the rooms is a library. Seven of the pupils were chosen to be librarians. The librarians had to set up the library, catalogue all the books and then put the books away. The librarians also had to put all the fiction books in order. They also had to arrange how the library system would work. A.K Bell library donated some posters to put up in the school library. The librarians also made their own posters.

first bookmark 3.19Kb The librarians' idea was to set up a library club. The library club is where you can relax and read quietly away from the classroom. To join the library club you have to fill in an application form. The library club will be open 12:30 to 1:00 PM. Tuesday and Thursday every week.

second bookmark 3.19Kb third bookmark 3.44Kb From a pupil:
We got a lot of books read to us by the A.K.Bell librarians. Some were scary and funny the books were read very well. The librarians names were Elaine and Morag. We read two very scary ones. We spent over half an hour at the school library. At the end we said thank you very much for reading the books. They gave us a goody bag with lots of things inside.

fourth bookmark 2.82Kb And another:
We are the Dunning Primary School librarians. We started a library with an unused room in the new part of the school. After we had set it up we held a competition, you had to design a bookmark. We gave them three days to design it. We had a huge response. It was a really hard decision but only one in each class could win. These are the winning bookmarks.

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