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Dunning Parish Historical Society

was formed in July 1992 and has produced a quarterly newsletter since that time. All the newsletters are available in Acrobat Reader (pdf) format. Newsletters 1 to 40 have also been converted to html files and are available here along with a complete index. Newsletters 41 onwards will be available in pdf format only and are not currently on line. However, their index is, and files can be sent by email on request.

Please note three things:-

These magazines are all reproduced as published. Things like contributors names and contact details have not been updated and are likely to have changed since.

They are provided purely for historical research purposes and must not be used for anything else. However, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies they may contain.

Also, all the newsletters are of course all copyright DPHS. Permission to copy articles for strictly non commercial purposes will be given wherever possible, but please ensure you ask first.

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Issue Title Author
 October 1992 
1 Golf from its earliest days in DunningMrs Barbera Gordon
 January 1993 
2 Recollections of DunningMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
2 Recollections of DunningMrs Catherine P Robb (nee McLellan), Perth
2 Recollections of DunningMr Bruce Henderson, Symington, Ayrshire
 April 1993 
3 Field Walking
3 Place Names
3 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
3 RecollectionsMr S. T. Belsches, Virginia
3 RecollectionsMr George S Dougal, South Africa
 July 1993 
4 Football in Dunning
4 Field Walking
4 Walk to Old Farms in May Valley
4 Visit from Clackmannan Historical and Field Society
4 Place Names
4 Right of Way through Ochils
 October 1993 
5 Field Walking
5 Recollections of EvacueeMr Ron Freeland, Culloden
5 Place Names
 January 1994 
6 Tatty Picking
6 RecollectionsMrs Helen W Craig, Dumfries
6 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
6 Roman Camp
6 Field Walk Finds
 April 1994 
7 Recollections of EvacueeMr Ron Freeland, Culloden
7 Place Names
7 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
7 Evacuee Reunion Planned
 July 1994 
8 Evacuee Reunion
8 RecollectionsMr James R Hepburn, Dunoon
8 Recollections of EvacueeMr Ron Freeland, Culloden
8 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
8 RecollectionsMrs Helen Laidlaw (Nee Robertson) Canada
 August 1994 (BONUS) 
8b Smash Means Mash!Finella Wilson
8b Evacuees' Reunion PlansEditor
 October 1994 
9 Evacuees Reunion LetterMay Cameron, Glasgow
9 Slab Cross in St Serf'sJoe Black
9 RecollectionsMrs Helen Laidlaw (Nee Robertson) Canada
 January 1995 
10 Evacuees Reunion Postscripts
10 The Old Thorn Tree Dunning - SketchKenny Laing
10 The Old Thorn Tree Dunning - PoemJohn Philip
10 Friends of the Ochils
10 Place Name NotesAngus Watson
10 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
10 Field Walk Result
 April 1995 
11 Dunning Tale of Witches in Scots
11 St Serf's ClocksMr Kenny Laing
11 RecollectionsDavid S McLuckie, Balloch
11 RecollectionsMrs Marjory Addison (nee Walker) Aberdeen
 July 1995 
12 Graemes of Garvock
12 Dunning 270 Years Ago
12 The Pauly/Polly Puzzle
12 RecollectionsDavid S McLuckie, Balloch
 October 1995 
13 Evacuee Meeting
13 Dunning 230 Years Ago
13 RecollectionsMr Henry Campbell, Toronto
 January 1996 
14 Mystery of Maggie Wall
14 Evacuee Meeting
 April 1996 
15 DPHS New Home at Infant School
15 Dupplin Cross Resting Place Controversy
 July 1996 
16 RecollectionsMr Don Hepburn, Canada
16 Golf in Dunning - updateMrs Barbera Gordon
16 Dupplin Cross - update
16 RecollectionsMr Ian Robertson, Canada
16 Website Proposal
 October 1996 
17 Dupplin Cross - update
17 Nothing Ever Happens in Dunning - Cattle Roundup
17 Website Developments
17 RecollectionsMrs Isobel Wallace
17 RecollectionsMr James R Hepburn, Dunoon
17 Letter fromMrs Myra Andrews, Strathclyde
17 Letter fromMr Trevor Fulton, New Zealand
 January 1997 
18 Dupplin article reprinted from 1929 P.A.
18 Dupplin Cross - update
 April 1997 
19 Invermay EstateLady Jean Wemyss
19 Field Walk - Finds from Leadketty.
 July 1997 
20 How to Pronouce Rollo - poemRollo Collinson
20 RecollectionsGeorge Dunn, New Zealand
20 Field Walk at Dunn Knock
20 Dunning as in 1842 Statistical Account
 October 1997 
21 Midsummer Madness - report on June Field Trip.
21 Letter fromMrs Helen Laidlaw (Nee Robertson) Canada
21 Letter fromOrma Burke (nee Campbell) Australia
21 The Path We Came By - BookRobert Stevens, Canada
21 Evacuees Visit
21 Perthshire Volunteers 1916
21 The Wild Geese Return. PoemWalter Pirrie
21 Dunning as in 1842 Statistical Account
 January 1998 
22 Invasion Dunning (making the film Invasion Earth)
22 Army in Dunning During the Second World War
22 Dunning Funeral. PoemWalter Pirrie
22 Dupplin Cross - update
22 Death of Lord Rollo
22 The Way it WasCharlie Laing
22 The Thorn Tree. PoemGeordie Watt
22 Letter fromNorman F. C. Dunning, Hampshire.
 April 1998 
23 Houses With Stories - Oswald VillaPeggy Smith
23 Dupplin Cross - decision
23 Evacuee MemoriesBill Smith
23 Evacuee MemoriesSarah Murray (nee McCabe)
23 Evacuee MemoriesDavid Forbes
 July 1998 
24 Inspect our new Website
24 The Ebenezer StoneFelicity Martin
24 Dawn. PoemFelicity Martin
24 Barn OwlHenry Hoey
24 Houses With Stories - Farina Mill, Leadketty. - Arthur Wright
24 Flower Show. Clipping from P.A. 18th August 1970
 October 1998 
25 Burglars at Fletchers after Barn Dance
25 Web Site Update
25 Cross at Maggie Wall Broken
25 Houses with Stories - The CastleJanet Crow
25 Potato Dressing. SketchHenry Hoey
25 RecollectionsCharlie Laing
25 Evacuees Reunion Planed for September 1999
25 Dupplin Cross off to Edinburgh
 January 1999 
26 Cross at Maggie Wall Renewed
26 RecollectionsCharlie Laing
26 Letter fromStewart Harris, South Africa
26 Letter fromMarjory Addison, Aberdeen
26 Letter fromJohn Seymour McGill, New Zealand
26 Letter fromIsabell Whyte, Norfolk
26 Letter fromCallum Davie, Perth
26 Explanation of Feu TitlesMargaret Storm
26 Tron Square Fountain. SketchHenry Hoey
26 Song Sung by School Children 25th December 1879
26 End of Duncrub Mansion. Clipping from the Journal 9th May 1953
26 Dupplin Cross in new Museum in Edinburgh
 April 1999 
27 Dragon Cut Off
27 Letter fromTrevor Napier, New Zealand
27 Wedding of Harry and Marjorie Dunning
27 RecollectionsMrs Margaret Brand, Glasgow
27 Thimble Wynd. Lino CutAlbie Sinclair
27 Readings from ScrapbookRev Peter Thomson
27 Dupplin Cross definitely coming to St Serf's
27 Wren. SketchHenry Hoey
 July 1999 
28 Chairman Ian Philip retires
28 Letter from abroadOrma Burke (nee Campbell) Australia
28 Letter from abroadHelen Laidlaw, Barrie, Ontario
28 Letter from abroadMrs Daryl (McCowan) Dumanski,Winnipeg
28 Scene from Granco BridgeKenny Laing
28 An Infant Evacuee's MemoriesHelen Mann (nee Flannagan) Rothesay
28 1998-99 Chairman's ReportIan Philip
28 Working at the GreenhousesMargaret Dewar, Dunning
28 The Value of InnerpeffrayTed Powell
28 Ah, Yes, Vegas!Editor
 October 1999 
29 Evacuees ReunionEditor
29 60 years on Elizabeth Fletcher
29 Glasgow Keelies Lorne Wallace
29 Dunning and the Railway Betty and Andrew Taylor
29 Sketch - Dunning Station in 1900'sHenry Hoey
29 Tattie Holidays, New BrunswickMonique Dull
29 Sketch - Dunkeld CathedralKen Laing
 January 2000 
30 Linocut - Steam Train to DunningAlbie Sinclair
30 Yarns by a Big LaddieAlex Steel
30 Sketch, Dunning winter '92Henry Hoey
30 Readers' Lettersvarious
30 Linocut, Old cookery schoolAlbie Sinclair
30 Major John Miller ObituaryDaily Telegraph
30 St Serf's VisitorsKen Laing
30 Reviews of 'The Keelies'various
30 Mystery Letterpress BlockMiles Sneddon
 April 2000 
31 A Quiet PlaceLorne Wallace
31 Poem - Serf and the DragonWalter Perrie
31 a New Thorn TreeLorne Wallace
31 Hogmanay 2000Editor
31 Craig Rossie sketchKen Laing
31 Where to Spend a HolidayJohn Boag
31 What's in a Name: Dunn and Dunning
31 Torchlight Procession - SketchHenry Hoey
31 That Mystery BlockLorne Wallace
31 Photo - Black Watch Private Henry Hoey
31 What they think: Keelies Book Reviews.
31 Linocut - Keltie CastleAlbie Sinclair
31 Do You Remember?Peter Duncan
 July 2000 
32 Chair reports to AGMLiz Fletcher
32 Garvock Tomato HousesHenry Hoey
32 New Committee 
32 Letter from CanadaJane Giffen
32 Linocut of Dunning villageMary Thomson
32 St Serf's Visitor CentrePeter Duncan
32 Letter from WarminsterMarjorie Addison
32 Letter from DunningIan Lambie
32 The old Kirklands - SketchKenny Laing
32 An Evacuee writes from AustraliaNan Callachan
32 Birthday surprises for Ian Editor
 October 2000 
33 Meeting in St Serf'sEditor
33 Vintage Bus TripMarilyn Jamieson
33 Bats and A CastleBrian Boag
33 Tributes to Kenny LaingEditor
33 Building St Serf'sWalter Perrie
33 Mills of Dunning BurnKen Laing
33 Old and New Thorn TreeEditor
33 Dunning Cattle ShowDavid McLuckie
33 Dupplin Cross PlansDoreen Grove
33 Historical MastermindsEditor
 January 2001 
34 Rain. - A PoemW Perrie
34 My Favourite PlacePrimary School Pupils
34 LeadkettyIan Philip
34 A 1924 account of Maggie WallsStrathearn Herald
34 Farewell to George BoardmanEditor, and letters
 April 2001 
35 A Dunning Farm: The KnowesPainting by Alf Marshall
35 MemoriesBetty Hutchinson Taylor
35 The Thorn Tree (article and sketch)Ken Laing
35 Letter from EvacueeRoderick Campbell
35 Stonechat sketchHenry Hoey
35 More Favourite PlacesPrimary School Pupils
35 Leadketty (part 2)Ian Philip
 July 2001 
36 Romance and The BerriesA Romantic tale by John Kirk
36 Memories of a Dunning ChildhoodJames Dixon
36 History Prize Winners 
36 Talent From WithinElizabeth Fletcher
36 Some Final FavouritesPrimary School Pupils
36 Tumult in Dunning, August 1837The Constitutional
36 Another Berry StoryPawet Trybus
36 A New Beekeeper's TaleMyrtle Potter
36 Bits and PiecesEditor
36Limbless Bowlers (A Poem) Charles Laing
 October 2001 
37 Mystery of the Bogle Brig Lorne Wallace
37 Memories of a Farm Worker Cathy Dewar
37 Long Forgotten Memories Story by Ian Buick
37 Jacobite Dunning Our Schoolchildren
37 Proxime Accessit (part 2) James Dixon
37 World War II Interview Anna Zirondelli
37 The Falkirk WheelDon Hepburn
January 2002 
38 Husky StoryDavid Halliday
38 acrylic muralMary Thomson
38 The Return of Private WalkerCharlie Laing
38 Frisian ChurchesHeather Thom
38 Evacuee Recollections(Thomas) Lloyd Inglis
April 2002 
39 Coffee Morning CandidsPhotos
39 From a Sprightly Dunning NativeElspeth Pentland
39 Not Far From Us (Gask)Ken Murdoch
39 The Ghost of RunrigIan Philip
39 The Women's Guild in DunningBetty Taylor
39 No to Historic Scotland ProposalRaymond Young
July 2002 
40 Scottish Symbol re-sited in StrathearnFelicity Martin
40 Chairman's Annual ReportRaymond Young
40 Ten years agoColour photos
40 We remember when King George VI died.Alan, Liz and Patricia
40 Farewell to Helen LaidlawEditor
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