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We have some important information on the back page which we wanted to get to you quickly. But then Society committee member and former journalist Finella Wilson came up with the idea of a series of occasional articles about tomorrow's village history being made today, and this news bulletin seemed the perfect vehicle to launch the idea. So here is the first of what we hope will be an interesting series of reports on Dunning life today.


At a time when many of the more mature residents of Dunning will be harking back to the wartime years of'39-'45, doubtless many anecdotes and incidents will be recalled and stories told. It is memories of this nature which add colour to the history of a village, and of course the happenings of today will become part of the records of tomorrow, if in fact they are recorded.

One of the wartime slogans "Dig for Victory"-which was supposed to encourage people to grow their own vegetables, often potatoes-took on an entirely new slant this spring in Dunning. During the month of April a large potato lorry travelling the Perth Road overturned into the ditch at the edge of Kincladie Wood, disgorging and splitting a sizeable number of sacks of potatoes. Eventually the lorry was hauled out, but left behind adorning the edge of the wood were the potatoes, guarded only by a set of traffic cones. It was not long until some of the local children discovered this tattle mini-mountain. Some of them invented a new kind of game which involved chucking tatties from one side of the road over the hedge opposite. Others were seen lugging 'boilings' back towards the village. Whether this was done by enterprising youngsters on their own initiative or at the behest of their mothers is not known. It was even claimed that a small child was observed staggering along pushing a wheelbarrow full.

After some time elapsed the heap, although still untidily festooned with potato sacks, subsided, and only the cones stood out to mark the spot. But as the season of germination arrived and nature took its course, it became apparent that a small but healthy crop of potatoes was flourishing at the roadside. What variety of potatoes they were I don't know, they could have been early or late, Kerr's Pinks or Caras, but their growing presence was noted and a new generation of tattle howkers came out from the village and dug the Kincladie ditch, mothers and children reaping the benefit of the accident a second time.

Who knows in years to come, local people may wonder how it came about that there is a residual potato patch in the ditch along the Perth Road. There might even be a theory that the Roman soldiers who camped there had not only carried a stake and a spade, but each one might have had a potato in his pocket!

---Finella Wilson, Glenrossie, 1994

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Here is additional information involving coming events and some changes:

Friday, September 2 EVACUEES' REUNION

11 am The evacuees and other guests will assemble at Dunning Primary School to meet the media, pupils and billets. You are welcome to come and witness this before the evacuees disperse to the schools for lunch and classroom visits.

7:30 pm EVACUEES' MEETING WITH HISTORICAL SOCIETY MEMBERS. PLEASE NOTE: THIS WILL BE HELD IN THE DUNNING VILLAGE HALL, NOT THE SCHOOL. You'll see the premiere of the Society video production "THE EVACUEES" and you'll also hear first-hand the experiences of evacuees in a discussion led by Mrs. Betty Bridgeford.

Saturday, September 3 EVACUEES' REUNION

10:30 am The guests will be taken on guided tours of the village, and Society members are also invited to attend either the morning tour or the repeat tour in the afternoon. Guests have also kindly been offered opportunities to bowl or golf during the day. If you'd like to join in with them, or if you'd like to help entertain the guests with sightseeing or in any other way, please contact Nancy Hurry now (684 355) or speak up at the Friday evening meeting. We're grateful for the people who have already volunteered to billet guests in their homes: to date, everyone has been accommodated.

7:00 pm EVACUEES REUNION DANCE at the Dunning Village Hall. Dancing starts at 8, with the 16-piece Tayside Big Band, led by Mr. Ron Spiers, playing a programme of Glenn Miller favourites. Licensed bar. Raffle, prizes, opportunities for visiting. Light supper supplied by ladies of Dunning Bowling Club. All in all, it should be a most memorable occasion! PLEASE NOTE: PRIORITY TO OBTAIN DANCE TICKETS IS BEING GIVEN TO EVACUEES AND TO PAID-UP MEMBERS OF THE HISTORICAL SOCIETY. TICKETS GO ON GENERAL SALE ON FRIDAY, AUGUST 26. IF YOU'D LIKE TICKETS PLEASE CALL NOW TO NANCY HURRY (0764 684 355) OR RITA LAING (684 484). TICKETS ARE JUST £3.


11 am Meet at Dunning Primary School grounds. After assembling we'll proceed to Ian Philip's farm, Leadketty, where the hunt for relies of ancient settlements will be led by archaeologist Mike King. Come suitably attired for a day in the field and for the weather. Bring lunch if you like; there'll be a break at 1 and a wind-up at 4.30, both in the Village Hall. For more information please call Shona Sinclair (0764 684 566).

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