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Dunning St Serf's Church Grave Yard Survey

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This record of memorial inscriptions on gravestones in the churchyard, wall plaques in the church and on the stained glass windows of the church was compiled by members of the Dunning Parish Historical Society in the summer of 1993.

Recording: Isobel Barnett, Janet, Catherine and Louise Crow, Peter and Alma Duncan,
Ken and Greta Laing, Ian and Katie Lambie and Nan Ross.
Checking and Editing: Peter Duncan and Ken Laing.
Processing and Production: Isobel Barnett.

The first file contains a list of all the surnames which appear on gravestones in St Serf's churchyard, and the number of the stone(s) on which each appears. The other files contain a description of each stone. Each stone number is preceded by a letter which denotes in which part of the churchyard the stone lies.

Please be aware that:-
(a) This only records the stones as we found them. It does not mention vacant lairs. However, it does fully record the visible inscriptions, which official records would not have done.
(b) Dunning has two graveyards. There is no mention on these pages of the "new" Perth and Kinross Council graveyard which dates from about 1938 and is still in use today.

There is no intelligence in these pages so if the surname you are interested in is listed in the index, you will need to make a note of the stone number(s) before going to the descriptions pages.

Some of these might take a noticeable time to load.

Index of Surnames (24700 bytes) - Map of Churchyard (11000 bytes)

About the stones (3220 bytes)

Descriptions of stones 1 to 118 (40200 bytes) - Descriptions of stones 119 to 237 (42600 bytes)

Descriptions of stones 238 to 356 (40200 bytes) - Descriptions of stones 357 to 468 (40200 bytes)


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