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St Serf's church Dunning. Grave Stones 357 to 468

(with minor corrections March 2012)

F 357 "Erected by JOHN CAMPBELL in memory of his wife JANET STUART CROW who died 5th Apr. 1899 aged 76 years. Also his daughter JESSIE ADIE who died 30th Mar. 1876 aged 22 years. Also his daughter LILIAS who died 6th Apr. 1863 aged 2 years. Also his son JOHN who died 7th Dec. 1909 aged 52 years. The above JOHN CAMPBELL died 19th Dec. 1914 aged 91 years". Medium/large stone - reasonable condition.

F 358 "In loving memory of JOHN STUART CAMPBELL who died 10th Dec. 1909 aged 52 years and his wife MARY ANNE BREWSTER who died 9th Oct. 1912 aged 54 years. Also their son 2nd Lt. IAN D. CAMPBELL, R.F.C., missing 30th Nov. 1917 aged 19 - Erected by the family". Pink granite stone with Celtic Cross above - good condition.

F 359 "Erected by the family in memory of their father JAMES JACK who died 25th Oct. 1902 aged 67 years and their mother CHRISTIAN MARSHALL who died 9th Jan. 1923 aged 86 years. Also their daughter LIZZIE BUDDEN who died 30th May 1973 aged 96 years". Medium size grey marble stone - good condition.

F 360 "Sacred to the memory of JAMES DICK, grain merchant, Glasgow, who died 17th July 1874 aged 71 years". Medium size stone - good condition.

F 361 "Erected by JANET CHALMERS in memory of her grandfather JOHN CHALMERS who died 22nd Oct. 1851. Her father GEORGE CHALMERS who died 21st May 1882 aged 71 years. Her mother BARBARA YOUNG who died 12th Feb. 1874 aged 62 years. Also her sister JANE who died 16th May 1875 aged 32 years and HELEN who died 14th Dec. 1876 aged 25 years. GEORGE H. SIMPSON, Inspector C.R., husband of the above died 17th Aug. 1904. JAMES CHALMERS died 27th Jan. 1921 aged 64 years. JANET SIMPSON died 14th May 1925 aged 76 years - They sleep in Jesus". Medium sized sandstone stone with moulded top - flaking badly on back - fair condition.

F 362 "In loving memory of JOHN CRICHTON who died 16th Dec. 1893 aged 75 years. Also his wife JANE BOAG who died 6th May 1909 aged 89 years". Tall dark granite stone with rounded top and polished face on single plinth - very good condition.

F 363 "1818 - --- erected ---- GRAHAM to the --- Wife ---died --- ".

F 364 "W - In memory of JAMES WATSON died 19th Aug. 1921 aged 84 and his beloved wife ANN ROBERTSON died 20th Nov. 1920 aged 81. Also their daughter CATHERINE died 24th Sep. 1955 aged 86". Small granite stone on plinth - good condition.

F 365 Medium size stone - unreadable.

F 366 "1879 - Erected by DAVID LAWSON, feuar, Dunning, in memory of his wife ELIZABETH DEUCHARS who died 30th Nov. 1878 aged 77 years. The above DAVID LAWSON died 30th Jan. .1.1882 aged 77 years. CATHERINE K. L. DONALDSON daughter of the above died 2nd Nov. 1896 aged 62 years - Though lost to sight to memory dear - HENRY LAWSON died 10th Nov. 1900 aged 65 years". Small stone - reasonable condition.

F 367 "In memory of HENRY LAWSON, Weaver, Dunning, who died 13th Mar. 187? age 49 years". Medium stone - flaking.

F 368 "In loving memory of JOHN SINCLAIR who died 6th Apr. 1908 aged 16 years - sadly missed". Small granite stone - good condition.

F 369 "1809 - This was erected by ANDREW HORN, shoemaker in Dunning to the memory of his children decesed viz. JOHN, ANDRE, HENRY and ISABEL. Also of ISABEL McEWAN his wife who died 6th Dec. 1812 aged 54 years". On back - Angel - shield with crown and cordiner's knife (emblem of shoemaker's trade) - skull and parallel bones - "Memento Mori". Medium size stone - reasonable condition.

F 370 "1834 - Erected by JANET HENDERSON in memory of her husband JAMES CRAWFORD, late merchant in Dunning, who died 13th Feb. 1834 aged 44 years. The above died 26th Apr. 1847 aged 64 years. The son of CHARLES EADIE and JANET CRAWFORD who died in infancy. CHARLES EADIE died 23rd Dec. 1885 aged 72". Small size stone - reasonable condition.

F 371 "Erected by JOHN WALKER and ELIZABETH SCRIMGEOUR his wife in memory of their children ALEXANDER born 5th Sep. 1872 died 24th Mar. 1873, WILLIAM born 6th Aug. 1868 died 23rd Dec. 1880. Also their 2 sons who died in infancy. The above JOHN WALKER died 4th June 1914 aged 78 years. The above ELIZABETH SCRIMGEOUR died 3rd Dec. 1923 aged 85 years. MARY CAMERON beloved wife to GEORGE WALKER grandson of the above died 19th Apr. 1939 aged 38 years and his son GEORGE WALKER died 10th Oct. 1958 aged 80 years". Medium sized stone painted white with black lettering - good condition.

F 372 "In memory of WILLIAM BRUCE beloved husband of BARBARA MARTIN who died 2nd Apr. 1899 aged 79 years. The above BARBARA MARTIN died 29th Sep. 1912 aged 76 years. WILLIAM their son died 20th Oct. 1913 aged 54 years". Medium stone with rounded top - reasonable condition.

F 373 "Erected in memory of JOHN CAMPBELL who died 1832. JANET CREE his wife died 1875. DAVID their son died 1888. MARGARET their daughter died 1843". Small stone - reasonable condition.

F 374 "In loving memory of JAMES HENDERSON who died 23rd Apr. 1893 aged 73 years and of JANE MILLER his wife who died 20th Feb. 1893 aged 74 years. Their grandchild ANNIE HENDERSON wife of JAMES GARDINER died 14th July 1907 aged 36. Also HELEN HENDERSON wife of ANDREW MORRIS died 5th Sep. 1908 aged 60 and ANN HENDERSON wife of WILLIAM HUTTON died 22nd Feb. 1909 aged 63. JAMES HENDERSON died 20th Nov. 1923 in his 82nd year. WILLIAM MILLER HENDERSON died 24th Dec. 1926". Medium size pink granite stone - reasonable condition.

F 375 "Erected by DAVID CRICHTON in memory of his wife MARY BALMAIN who died 10th June 1859 aged 29 years. The above DAVID CRICHTON died 20th July 1896 aged 71 years". Small stone - good condition.

F 376 "To the beloved memory of MARY WILSON RENTON wife of ALEXANDER SMITH died 30th Mar. 1932. Also the above ALEXANDER SMITH who died 28th Aug. 1938." Polished granite stone - good condition.

F 377 "In memory of JAMES WALLACE beloved husband of MARGARET ROBERTSON who died 9th Nov. 1931 aged 64 years. Also of the above MARGARET ROBERTSON who died 25th Dec. 1956 aged 88 years". Grey granite stone with flat top and polished face on single plinth - excellent condition.

F 378 "Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER EWING, Townhead, Dunning, who died 24th Dec. 1904 and JANET ARNOT his wife who died 24th Mar. 1907. Also JESSIE their daughter who died 30th Sep. 1924". Polished granite stone - good condition.

F 379 "1856 - Erected by ANN REACH and family - JAMES, DAVID, ALEXANDER, JANET and MARGARET BOAG in memory of WILLIAM BOAG her husband and their father who died 8th Dec. 1835 aged 83 years. Also two sons and one daughter of the deceased WILLIAM BOAG, ALEXANDER 22nd Mar. 1814 aged 3 years; JOHN 26th July 1824 aged 1 year; MARY 3rd Mar. 1837 aged 12 years. Also two sons of the above JAMES BOAG, WILLIAM 27th Aug. 1842 aged 3 years; GEORGE 2nd Mar. 1853 aged 2 years. MARY daughter of the above ALEXANDER BOAG 4th July 1856 aged 16 years. BETSEY STEWART BOAG youngest daughter of the above WILLIAM BOAG and ANN REACH and wife of GEORGE DEWAR who died 23rd Oct. 1860 aged 30 years". On back - "JAMES BOAG died 31st Oct. 1892 aged 83 years. MARY MILLER his wife died 13th Apr. 1862. JANET BOAG died 29th Mar. 1890. MARGARET BOAG died 18th Mar. 1891". Medium size upright stone - reasonable condition.

F 380 "1824 - Erected by MARGARET HENDERSON to the memory of her husband ANDREW PATERSON who died llth Mar. 1814 aged 36 years". Small upright stone - reasonable condition but flaking on back.

F 381 "In loving memory of my husband JAMES PATERSON who died at Whiterigg 6th June 1915 aged 63 years. His wife JANE DREWETT who died at Sunnyside, Dunning, 12th Apr. 1936 aged 84 years". Medium size upright polished granite stone.

F 382 "1861 - Erected by JOHN and PETER McGLASHAN in memory of their father PETER McGLASHAN, farmer, East Clevage, who died 18th July 1861 aged 63 years. Also their mother JEAN REID who died 7th Sep. 1853 aged 54 years. The above JOHN McGLASHAN died 18th Jan. 1904 aged 72 years. The above PETER McGLASHAN died 1st May 1904 aged 70 years".

F 383 "In memory of JAMES HOLMES MORRISON, M.D., F.R.C.S.E., who died at Perth 15th July 1917 aged 75 years. Beloved husband of SUSAN I. HAMILTON - Until The Day Dawn - Also in memory of the above SUSAN ISABELLA HAMILTON who died at Edinburgh 20th Aug. 1935 aged 68 years". Stone in shape of cross with stepped base.

F 384 "Sacred to the beloved memory of WILLIAM MORRISON, Esq., who died 19th Aug. 1848 aged 40 years. Also of ROBERT CLARK his eldest son who died 22nd Nov. 1837 aged 11 years. Also of WILLIAM his youngest son who died 11th July 1872 aged 23 years - Waiting for the coming of Our Lord Christ Jesus 1 Cor. 1.7. Also of his wife ELIZA HOLMES who died 9.3.1895 aged 85 years - The Family grave of JAMES HOLMES HAMILTON, M.D.". On back - "And of HELENA his eldest daughter widow of JAMES HONEY who died 12th Apr. 1910 aged 80 years and grandson JAMES HONEY DOUGLAS who died 13th Jan. 1890 aged 16 years. Also daughter MARY MENZIES MORRISON who died 2nd Feb. 1924 aged 89 years".

F 385 "Erected by JOHN DAVIDSON in memory of his wife JULIA YOUNG who died 11th Jan. 1859 aged 52 years. Also the above JOHN DAVIDSON accidentally killed at --- 1875". Medium size stone - flaking.

F 386 "In loving memory of CHARLES LAING who died 3rd Dec. 1952 aged 82 years beloved husband of JANET CREE who died 14th July 1960 aged 88 years and their daughter ANN who died in infancy. MARY ANN who died 19th July 1991 aged 88 years". Polished granite stone - good condition.

F 387 "1839 - Sacred to the memory of ALEXANDER SUTHERLAND who died 13th Apr. 1839 aged 71 years and of his wife MARGARET HENDERSON who died 18th Jan. 1818 aged 43 years. THOMAS SUTHERLAND son of the above died 16th Nov. 1862 aged 64 years". Medium size stone - reasonable condition.

F 388 "In memory of our dear mother MARY EWING".

Small stone in shape of open book.

G 389 "In loving memory of our sister ELIZA THOW eldest daughter of the late DAVID THOW, Mains of Balhall, Brechin, who died at Inglewood, Dunning, 9th Mar. 1914 aged 56 years. MARY GUTHRIE THOW, Inglewood, Dunning, sister of the above died 29th Apr. 1934 aged 71 years - Sleep on beloved". On left side - "In memory of HELEN MILLER THOW beloved wife of ALEXANDER MACDONALD who died at Keltyhill Farm 30th Oct. 1947 aged 77 years". On right side - "Also in memory of my dearly beloved mother HELEN MILLAR THOW late of Rossie, widow of the late DAVID THOW, Balhall, Menmuir, Brechin, who died at Dunning 17th Mar. 1916 aged 88 years - Till the veil is lifted". White marble Celtic cross on double plinth - reasonable condition.

G 390 "Erected ---- JOSEPH ----, Farmer ----- . In memory ---- died 12 ----- years. Also CATHARINE who died ---. The above JOSEPH THOMPSON died 14th Jan. 1849 aged 76 years". Large stone - badly flaked.

G 391 "Affectionate Remembrance - not dead but sleeping". Medium sized sandstone stone with pointed arch head - flower and book ornamentation - poor condition - no names decipherable.

G 392 "1848 - Erected by JOHN CROW, mason, Dunning, in memory of his sons. Also JANNET EADIE his wife who died May 23rd aged 56 years".

G 393 Inscription from previous record - "JOHN EADIE, farmer, Haughhead died 8th Jan. 1818 and wife ELIZABETH WRIGHT died 1854, son ANDREW. plasterer, died 26th Sep. 1889 aged 73 years; JOSEPH HUTCHISON died Gask 28th Apr. 1880 aged 69 years, wife MARY EADIE died 24th Jan. 1885 aged 69 years, son JOHN died 11th Dec. 1874 aged 38 years, daughter ELIZABETH died 24th Mar. 1880 aged 26 years, son JOSEPH died in infancy, son JAMES died 16th Feb. 1915 aged 56 years, daughter MARGARET died 4th June 1923 aged 81 years (widow of JAMES COMBE)". Tall pointed sandstone stone broken in two and badly flaked.

G 394 "Erected by ELISABETH WRIGHT to the memory of her husband JOHN EADIE who died 8th Jan. 1818". Sandstone stone - reasonable condition.

G 395 "1860 - Sacred to the memory of JAMES MARTIN, manufacturer, Dunning, who died 5th Jan. 1860 aged 75 years and his wife JANET CUNNINGHAM who died 25th Mar. 1857 aged 67 years. Also five of their children who died in infancy. WILLIAM MARTIN born 1757 and JEAN GOW his wife, father and mother of the above JAMES MARTIN are also interred here". Top of stone detached and lying behind.

G 396 "In loving memory of JOHN MARTIN who died 6th June 1898 aged 73 years and of his daughters ELIZABETH LAWSON died 4th Oct. 1868 aged 4 years. ANN LAWRENCE and LIDA MITCHELL died in infancy. His wife MARY MITCHELL who died 18th June 1910 aged 76 years. Also their eldest son JAMES who died 24th Aug. 1940 aged 74 years". On Plinth - "Simply to Thy Cross I Cling".

G 397 "Give Rest O Lord to the Soul of Thy Servant MARY MOLLOY who died 15th Aug. 1834 (or 1854) aged 25 - Sweet Jesus have mercy - This stone is erected b-- husband GEORGE McLAUGHLIN". Medium sized upright stone - badly flaked at one side and on back.

G 398 "In loving memory of our aunt HELEN MURRAY who died 31st Dec. 1917 aged 74 years". Small white marble stone in shape of scroll.

G 399 "1829 - I. MURRAY died 13th Nov. 1817 aged 46 years". Small upright stone.

G 400 "In memory of DAIVD MURRAY, joiner in Dunning who died May 1848 aged 44 years. Also MARGARET DUCHAR his wife who died Dec. 1845 aged 40 years. Also their children WILLIAM who died Jan. 1852 aged 21 years, JOHN who died Mar. 1842 aged 9 years, ROBERT who died Apr. 1855 aged 18 years, JAMES who died in infancy - Erected by their three daughters - 1863". Large stone with urn on top which has broken loose - fair condition.

G 401 "ROBERT CHAPMAN 1838". Large stone - fair condition.

G 402 "In loving memory of my dear husband CHARLES TAYLOR who died at Charleston, Bridge of Earn, 22nd Apr. 1926 aged 66 years. And of his wife MARY LAING who died 29th June 1936 aged 69 years - Nearer to Thee". Large black granite stone - good condition.

G 403 "In loving memory of JAMES TAYLOR who died at Lochie 11th May 1939 aged 91 years and his wife ISABELLA BEVERIDGE who died at Lochie 29th Jan. 1939 aged 88 years. Also in memory of ANDREW TAYLOR, farmer, Montalt, who died 5th Feb. 1903 aged 86 years. Also of his wife LILLIAS CAMPBELL who died 9th June 1900 aged 84 years. ISABELA MAILER neice of above JAMES TAYLOR died at Lochie 20th Nov. 1948 aged 37 years". Stone lying on side with Celtic Cross carved on slab.

G 404 "In affectionate remembrance of ANNIE YOUNG wife of JOHN ANTON, hotel keeper, Dunning, who died 27th Feb. 1883 aged 41 years. The above JOHN ANTON died 9th Aug. 1889 aged 48 years". Pink granite stone with polished face.

G 405 "In affectionate remembrance of ISABELLA NIVEN TODD wife of JAMES MITCHELL, Broadslap, who died 1st Apr. 1903 aged 55 years. Also their sons ANDREW JOHN died 2nd Feb. 1883 aged 3 months, JAMES died 13th Apr. 1890 aged 15 years".

G 406 "Erected by DUNCAN McLAREN in memory of his fathert DUNCAN McLAREN who died 9th Nov. 1895 aged 82 years and his wife MARGARET CAMPBELL who died 31st Jan. 1910 aged 66 years. And his son ALEXR. who died in Kansas City, U.S.A., 16th Apr. 1912 aged 30 years. The above DUNCAN McLAREN died 31st May 1934 aged 90 years". Medium upright stone - reasonable condition.

G 407 No inscription remaining. Metal plaque - rusted.

G 408 "In loving memory of our dear parents JAMES EWAN who died 24th Aug. 1878 aged 49 years and CHRISTINA CAMPBELL his wife who died 4th June 1888 aged 59 years. Also their daughter JANET who died in infancy. Also MARY ELIZABETH who died 1st Sep. 1898 aged 26 years, their son WILLIAM died 21st July 1905 aged 53 years". Large upright sandstone stone with top carved with grape and vine leaves.

G 409 "In loving memory of ISABELLA ORR (QUEENIE) died 16th Sep. 1931 aged 22 years and her brother WALTER killed in action in France 25th Mar. 1918 aged 21 years - Till the Pearly Gates Unfold". Ornamental white marble stone dislodged from plinth.

G 410 "In loving memory of MARGARET DOBSON ORR who died 8th Jan. 1914 aged 20 years - Until the Day Dawn - and her mother ISABELLA GARVIE or ORR who died 23rd May 1942 aged 69 years". Medium sized white marble cross on 3 plinths - dirty but sound.

G 411 "In memory of ALEXANDER HOGG who died 16th Aug. 1882 aged 57 years and his wife MARGARET PATON who died 11th Apr. .4.1883 aged 56. Also of their children CHRISTINA who died 17th Sep. 1857 aged 1 year, JAMES PATON who died 28th Sep. 1873 aged 7 years. MARY (DAISY) STODDART HOGG beloved daughter of DAVID and MARY HOGG who fell asleep on 7th Jan. 1921 aged 30 years. MARY STODDART wife of DAVID HOGG who died 18th June 1924 aged 72 years. The above DAVID HOGG who died 28th Dec. 1929 aged 77 years. Their beloved son ALEXANDER (LEX) who died 25th Feb. 1940 aged 49 years - Erected by the surviving members of the family - 1883". Large polished marble stone with pointed top on double plinth. - good condition but incised lettering fading.

G 412 "Erected by ALEXR. ROBERTSON in memory of his wife JANET SALMOND who died 1st Oct. 1899 aged 57 years. And of their children DAVID died 16th Mar. 1874 aged 4 years, JESSIE WHITE died 12th Mar. 1894 aged 12 years, WILLIAM died 25th May 1901 aged 24 years, ANDREW died 4th June 1904 aged 29 years. The above ALEXR. ROBERTSON died 31st Dec. 1909 aged 70 years". Medim stone - fairly good condition.

G 413 "In memory of ARCHIBALD MENZIES formerly of Aberfeldy and Dull who died at Dunning 26th Nov. 1937 aged 83". Small white marble scroll - fairly good condition.

G 414 "---- DEWAR --- 70 years --- JANE DEWAR--- 16th Jan.1848 --- born 27 --- died 18 --- Blessed are those servants ---- Lord when He cometh shall find watching. Watch and be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of Man cometh". Medium stone - mostly flaked.

G 415 "In loving memory of JAMES McLEISH of Jockslodge, Dunning, who died 13th Apr. 1935 aged 77 years. His wife BETSY DEUCHAR died 2nd July 1912 aged 57 years". Tall grey polished granite stone - good condition.

G 416 "Erected by MARGARET ROBENSON in memory of her husband GEORGE ROBENSON, feuar, Dunning, who died 26th Oct. 1853 aged 55 years. Also the above MARGARFET ROBINSON died 13th July 1872 aged 78 years". Medium stone - flaking.

G 417 "In loving memory of PETER SWORD died 21st June 1889 aged 82 years. Also JANET CRAWFORD his wife died 11th May 1884 aged 72 years. And their children ANDREW died Nov. 1849 in infancy, JOHN died 6th Nov. 1854 aged 20 years, MARGARET died 28th Apr. 1856 aged 18, BATHEA died 24th Jan. 1859 aged 21 years, JOHN CRAWFORD SWORD died 18th June 1870 aged 14 years; PETER SWORD died 3rd July 1884 aged 49 years, JAMES SWORD died 10th Jan. 1898 aged 53 years, JANET SWORD died 2nd Apr. 1898 aged 55 years, JANE SWORD died 16th May 1905 aged 57 years, DAVID SWORD died 7th Nov. 1906 aged 56 years, ROBINA SWORD wife of PETER McLACHLAN died 19th Apr. 1926 aged 74 years. The above PETER McLACHLAN died 3rd Dec. 1927 aged 82 years". Large black polished granite stone - good condition but difficult to read.

G 418 "In loving memory of my husband JAMES CRAWFORD who died 22nd Aug. 1886 aged 78 years. Also of our children JOHN who died 1.2.1849 aged 2 years, DAVID who died 29th Nov. 1853 aged 9 months and a daughter who died in infancy. AGNES who died 9th May 1904 aged 53 years. CATHERINE GRAHAM wife of JAMES CRAWFORD died 24th Jan. 1906 aged 84 years. The Rev. JAMES GRAHAM CRAWFORD son of JAMES and CATHERINE CRAWFORD, upwards of 31 years United Free Church Minister of Limekilns, born 28th Apr. 1848 ordained 17th Mar. 1875 died 5th Aug. 1906. HELEN MARR wife of the Rev. JAMES G. CRAWFORD who died 20th Mar. 1909 aged 60 years". On Plinth - "Thy Word was unto me the Joy and Rejoicing of mine Heart - Jer. XV 16". Polished granite stone.

G 419 "Erected by JOHN W. FINDLAY in memory of his wife CHRISTINA BOAG died 10th Oct. 1895 aged 31 years". Polished granite stone.

G 420 "Erected bu WILLIAM BOAG from New Zealand in memory of his brother LODVICK who died 5th May 1847 - Though lost to sight to memory dear - Asleep in Jesus Blessed sleep".

G 421 "In loving memory of my husband JAMES WINTON who died 7th July 1930 aged 65 years. His wife JANET POLLOCK who died 7th Sep. 1932 aged 65 years". Marble stone in shape of shield.

G 422 "In loving memory of DAVID McEWAN who died at Perth 6th Apr. 1916 aged 74 years and his wife HELEN ARCHER who died at Shieldknowes 2nd June 1913 aged 65 years and their daughter JESSIE CRAWFORD McEWAN died 21st Feb. 1942 aged 63". At foot - "Erected by the family". Stone lying on back - otherwise in good condition.

G 423 "In loving memory of my dear husband JOHN BROWN who died 16th June 1925 aged 46 years". Marble scroll.

G 424 "To the memory of our parents CHARLES BURGESS died 26th June 1917 aged 85. AMELIA BUIST died 4th May 1874 aged 38 and our sister GEORGINA died 5th Nov. 1928 aged 59. Also our brothers and sister GEORGE, FRANK and MARION who died in infancy, MARY KIRK BURGESS died 9th Jan. 1934 aged 66". Large white marble scroll on stone plinth - good condition.

G 425 "--- DAVID DOUGALL, feuar of Newtown of Pitcairns in memory of his son JOHN who died 26th May 1834 aged 28 years. Also of HELEN McNICOL, his spouse, who died 1st Sep. 1834 aged 57 years". Small stone - fallen - flaking.

G 426 "In loving memory of WILLIAM PILLANS died 30th May 1924 aged 64 and his son WILLIAM Sergt. R.S. Killed in Action on the Somme 1st July 1916 aged 23. Also his wife ISABELLA McMANN who died 24th July 1930 aged 70". Large grey granite stone - fallen on back - good condition.

G 427 "1861 - Erected by ISABELLA CAIRNS in memory of her husband PETER RUTHERFORD who died 18th Sep. 1854 aged 48 years. Also her son JOHN who died 7th Nov. 1851 aged 4 years and her daughter JANET who died 16th Nov. 1851 aged 19 years. The above ISABELLA CAIRNS who erected this stone died 20th Mar. 1869 aged 61 years".

G 428 "1853 - Erected by MARTIN CAIRNS in memory of his brother JAMES who died 14th Feb. 1827. Also his mother JANET STUART who died 7th Mar. 1853 aged 89 years and his father THOMAS CAIRNS who died 18th Feb. 1861 aged 92 years".

G 429 "1877 - Erected by DAVID MARSHALL, mason, Newtown of Pitcairns and MARY ALLAN his wife in memory of their sons DAVID who died 1865 in infancy, DAVID born 27th Jan. 1869 died 22nd June 1873 --- born --- died ---ROBERT died 7th Mar. 1900 aged 33 years. HELEN PATERSON their daughter died 25th Feb. 1899 aged 38 years. The above DAVID MARSHALL died 22nd Jan. 1919 aged 85 years. His wife MARY ALLAN died 4th Apr. 1922 aged 83". Flaked stone.

G 430 "M - In ever loving memory of my dear son JAMES MARSHALL, architect, who died 22nd Dec. 1918 aged 45 years - Erected by his Mother". Large rough pink granite stone - excellent condition.

G 431 "In loving memory of JEAN MARSHALL who died 19th Feb. 1956 and MARY MARSHALL who died 16th Mar. 1961". Small polished granite stone on plinth - good condition.

G 432 "JAMES CHRISTIE, feuar in Dunning --- the 2nd Feb. 1830 --- 61 years". Large sandstone stone - very badly flaked both sides.

G 433 "Erected by PETER STEVENS in memory of his twin daughters ANN died 21st Jan. 1855 aged 5 months. JANE died 28th Mar. 1878 aged 24 years. Also the above PETER STEVENS who died 11th Oct. 1886 aged 65 years and ANN McGREGOR wife of the above died 30th Nov. 1907 aged 86 years". Medium stone with pointed top - reasonable condition.

G 434 "In memory of PETER STEVENS, Broom, died 13th Apr. 1932 aged 69 years". Medium sized polished granite stone - good condition.

G 435 "In memory of WILLIAM GOW who died 3rd Aug. 1878 aged 86? years and of MARGARET MARSHALL his wife who died 17th Jan. 1883 aged 87 years and their daughter MARY KINMOND who died 1st Apr. 1899? aged 71 years". Large stone fallen on back.

G 436 "Erected by BARBARA and JESSIE DOUGALL in memory of their father DAVID DOUGALL who died 13th Apr. 1867 aged 64. Their mother JESSIE YOUNG who died 7th May 1842 aged 25. Their uncle JOHN YOUNG, surgeon, Dunning, who died 24th Dec. 1877 aged 63. Their grandfather JOHN YOUNG who died Nov. 1819 aged 36 and is interred in Kinclaven Churchyard. Their grandmother JANET REID who died 20th Jan. 1876 aged 86. The above BARBARA DOUGALL who died 3rd May 1923 aged 84 and JESSIE YOUNG DOUGALL who died 29th Feb. 1924 aged 83". Large ornate grey granite stone on treble plinth with pillars.

G 437 Plaque missing from ornamental black cast iron plate - showing woman with flower at urn. (J. TAYLOR).

G 438 "In loving memory of CATHERINE AITKEN wife of WILLIAM ROY who died 5th Dec. 1900 aged 74 years. Also of the above WILLIAM ROY who died 15th Apr. 1903 aged 68 years". Black granite stone - fallen on back - otherwise good condition.

G 439 "Erected by ROBERT and MARION ALLEN in memory of their children ARTHUR who died at Pitcairns Cottages 24th Dec. 1882, WILHELMINA who died at Kippen Lodge 23rd Aug. 1892. The above MARION ALLEN died 6th May 1915 aged 71 years". Stone lying on back.

G 440 "In loving remembrance of DOUGALL MACFARLANE who died 3rd Nov. 1874 aged 74 and of his wife JANET SMAIL who died 30th May 1877 aged 56. Also of their son DOUGALL who died 13th May 1872 aged 23. Their granddaughter JESSIE S. MACFARLANE who died 20th May 1877 aged 8 months. Also of their daughter ELIZABETH who died 24th May 1888 aged 36. Also their son WILLIAM who died near Eulo, Queensland, on 21st Mar. 1901 aged 43 years and of their grandson JAMES MACFARLANE who died 12th Jan. 1904 aged 22 years. Also their daughter JANET wife of JOHN WHYTOCK who died 7th Feb. 1907 aged 67 years and their daughter MARY who died 29th June 1913 in her 69th year". On plinth - "Thy Will be done". Granite stone with plinth - good condition.

G 441 "In memoriam CHARLES MORRIS, farmer late of Newbigging and Laigh of Rossie, died 15th Mar. 1879 in his 82nd year and of his children DAVID died 21st May in infancy, JOHN died 29th Dec. 1849 in his 13th year, CATHERINE died 21st Sep. 1859 in her 28th year, ELIZABETH died at Brisbane 29th Apr. 1867 in her 38th year, the Rev. DAVID BAYNE MORRIS who died 11th Nov. 1885 and was interred at Maradabad, India. Also of ELIZABETH BAYNE MORRIS widow of the above CHARLES MORRIS who died at 18 Eildon Street, Edinburgh, 31st Jan. 1888 aged 88 years. AMELIA died 3rd Feb. 1908 aged 65. ANNIE McEWAN wife of WILLIAM MORRIS died 20th Mar. 1914 aged 58. The above WILLIAM MORRIS died 24th Feb. 1931 aged 86 years". On plinth - "Joined in one spirit to our Head where He appoints we go - WILLIAM MORRIS died 9th Dec. 1918 aged 32 years. CHARLES MORRIS died 28th Nov. 1934 aged 51 years. ANNIE McEWAN MORRIS died 12th Mar. 1953 aged 65 years". Bottom plinth - "Erected by his widow". Polished granite stone with double plinth - good condition.

G 442 "In memory of ANNIE DEWAR beloved wife of JAMES HUGHES RICHARDS who died 18th Nov. 1946 aged 50 years. The above JAMES HUGHES RICHARDS who died 11th June 1958 aged 57 years". Small white marble shield - dirty.

G 443 "Erected by ISABEL HALLIDAY in loving memory of her husband ALEXANDER DEWAR, painter, who passed away 5th July 1925 and the above ISABEL HALLIDAY DEWAR who passed away 16th July 1954 aged 74 years. Also their son JAMES ALEXANDER DEWAR who died 24th Mar. 1961 aged 52 years". Tall grey granite stone with polished face on one plinth - very good condition.

G 444 "W. WINTON". Small sandstone stone leaning against G 445.

G 445 "Erected by WILLIAM A. MORRIS, Laigh of Rossie, in loving memory of his wife GRACE CHALMERS who died 17th Nov. 1934 aged 66 years. And two children LILLIAS and GRACE who died in infancy. The above WILLIAM A. MORRIS who died 31st Oct. 1950 aged 85 years. Also their only son CHARLES who died 11th May 1972 aged 69 years". Medium sized polished granite stone on plinth - good condition.

G 446 "1858 - "This lovely bud so young and fair called hence by early doom, just came to show how sweet a flower in Paradise would bloom - Erected by WILLIAM WESTWOOD, farmer, Wester Balgour in memory of his daughter CATHERINE who died 4th Dec. 1868 aged 10 years 9 months. The above WILLIAM WESTWOOD who died at Wester Keltie 8th Aug. 1895 aged 75 years. AGNES MORRIS his wife died 10th Apr. 1918 aged 95 years. JAMES WESTWOOD, Dalreoch, died 8th Dec. 1935 aged 93 years. JANE M. MITCHELL his wife died 28th Jan. 1936 aged 74 years. HELEN WESTWOOD died 24th Jan. 1936 aged 46 years. WILLIAM WESTWOOD died 28th Jan. 1936 aged 43 years". Large ornamental sandstone stone of Gothic design on plinth - good condition.

G 447 "In loving memory of our dear father JAMES METHVEN who died 4th Apr. 1927 aged 76 years and our dear mother MARGARET MARSHALL GRAY who died 9th Nov. 1931 aged 77 years and of their son ROBERT GRAY METHVEN who died 6th Sep. 1949, aged 63 years". Large polished grey granite stone on double plinth - good condition.

G 448 "Erected by JOHN CUNNINGHAM in memory of his father DAVID CUNNINGHAM, feuar, Dunning who died 19th Aug. 1864 aged 67 and of MARGARET and JAMES his sister and brother who died in infancy. Also of his grandmother ISABELLA MILLER who died 9th Jan. 1845 aged 72. Also in memory of his nephew JOHN DUNCAN a young man of great promising ability who died 14th Feb. 1869 at the early age of 22 years. Also his mother MARGARET MARSHALL died 13th May 1876 aged 74 years. Also his brother DAVID died at Edinburgh 21st July 1877 aged 55 years. His sister JANET spouse of ROBERFT GRAY, feuar, Dunning, died 11th Jan. 1889 aged 58 years. ROBERT GRAY died 31st May 1908 aged 88 years". On plinth - "S C". Large grey stone with urn on top and plinth - reasonable condition.

G 449 "They rest from their labours - Erected by CHRISTINA ROBERTSON LAWSON in memory of her grandfather ALEXANDER LAWSON late farmer of Easter Clevage who died 14th Oct. 1835 aged 69 years and WILLIAM LAWSON his son who died 3rd June 1849 aged 27 years and ANN JOHNMAN his wife who died 7th June 1856 aged 79 years and JANE ANN LAWSON their granddaughter who died 31st May 1878 aged 29 years and ANN LAWSON their daughter who died 15th Jan. 1893 aged 74 years and ELIZABETH LAWSON their daughter who died 28th Mar. 1893 aged 78 years. ALEXANDER LAWSON their son died 30th Jan. 1896 aged 75 years. JAMES DEWAR husband of the above died 18th Feb. 1902 aged 39 years and his wife CHRISTINA ROBERTSON LAWSON died 23rd Jan. 1934 aged 79 years and STEWART DEWAR their son died 25th May 1934 aged 36 years". Large stone - reasonable condition.

G 450 "In loving remembrance of JAMES WILSON, joiner, Dunning, who died 29th Oct. 1879 aged 61 years and of his children ELIZABETH ANN died 16th Jan. 1871 aged 11 months, JAMES died 4th Feb. 1875 aged 11 years, JEAN MONTEATH died 24th Nov. 1884 aged 17 years, CATHERINE BOAG died 2nd Apr. 1892 aged 30 years, THOMAS died 12th Apr. 1896 aged 35 years, JESSIE died 22nd Mar. 1899 aged 23 years. And of JANE LIVINGSTONE his wife died 28th June 1919 in her 80th year. ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM MAILER wife of THOMAS WILSON died 5th May 1941 aged 79 years - Erected by his loving wife JANE LIVINGSTONE". Large stone - part of wall.

G 451 "Erected by THOMAS WILSON, joiner, Dunning, in memory of his wife JEAN MONTEITH who died 6th Jan. 1873 aged 64 years. The erector of this stone died 7th Mar. 1881 in his 80th year. Daughter JEAN died 21st June 1855 aged 17 years, MARY and THOMAS died in infancy. AGNES WILSON died 13th Feb. 1877 aged 42 years. His daughter MARGARET died 9th Oct. 1882 aged 40 years. His daughter ELIZABETH died 9th July 1907 aged 67 years". Badly flaked.

G 452 "Erected by ANDREW McRAE in memory of his wife HELLEN CAIRNS who died 22nd Apr. 1919 aged 50 and his grandson ANDREW McRAE who died 20th Apr. 1924 aged 6 months. And the above ANDREW McRAE who died 9th Feb. 1939 aged 70 years. In loving memory of CHRISTINA SCOTT beloved wife of JOHN McRAE who died 15th Apr. 1958 aged 56 years".

G 453 "Erected by ROBINA KETTLE in loving memory of her husband JAMES M. ISDALE who died 28th June 1923 aged 80 years. The above ROBINA KETTLE who died 30th Dec. 1924 aged 84 years". Badly flaked.

G 454 "1848 - Erected by THOMAS ISDALE, Dunning, in memory of his daughters CHARLOTE ISABELLA and HELLEN. ANN died 30th Jan. 1834. The above THOMAS ISDALE died 11th Jan. 1853. ANN PATON his wife died 5th Dec. 1869". Small stone - fair condition.

G 455 "Erected by DAVID SCOTT in memory of his dearly beloved wife HELEN WALKER DREWIT who died at 17 Bankside, Falkirk, on 31st Jan. 1908 aged 65". Cast iron plate with yellow plaque.

G 456 "In loving memory of GEORGE DREWETT who died 24th Nov. 1908 and his wife MARGARET MORRISON who died 10th Aug. 1913. Also of JEMIMA DREWETT their beloved daughter who died 23rd Feb. 1931". Medium height grey granite stone with sculptured head and polished face - very good condition.


H 457 In North Aisle of Church - "Memento Mori - N G - Non Oblie - 1612" - possibly "Ninian Graeme 1612 non oubliez". Stone badly worn in places with central shield eroded.

H 458 In North Aisle of Church - "The Memory of the Just is Blessed - Prov. X.7" - (Cross outlined in Red) - "ROBERT GRAEME of Garvock and Kippen born 4 Sep. 1766 died 18 Mar. 1846 - Alike distinguised for undeviating kindness and affection towards his family and friends as for the exemplary discharge of his duties as Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant of the County - Erected in affectionate remembrance by his daughter MARY TURNER Apr. 1866". White marble with pointed ornamental head and black incised lettering - Set over black marble base.

H 459 In East Transept of Church - "In Affectionate Remembrance of The Honorable ROGER ROLLO born 1786 died 5 Mar. 1847". Square shield-shaped white marble stone with stag's head carving above on black shield-shaped marble background.

H 460 In East Transept of Church - "La Fortuni Passe Par Tout - To the Glory of God and in memory of JOHN ERIC HENRY 12th BARON ROLLO - Peuce Eternal - 1889 - 1947 grant unto him O Lord and let light perpetual shine upon him". Shaped cream sandstone with Rollo Crest at top - excellent condition.

H 461 In East Transept of Church - "This stone secred to the memory of JOHN DRUMMOND, Esq., of Keltie who died 18 Jun. 1801 aged 68 years. Is erected by his widow and family as a small tribute due to the memory of an affectionate husband and excellent father". White marble with black marble surround.

H 462 In East Transept of Church - "In proud and loving memory of NORMAN CHETWYND ROLLO, M.C., Major K.O.S.B. who died of wounds received in action at Cheel in Belgium Sep. 1944 aged 26 years second son of JOHN 12th LORD ROLLO of Duncrub and HELEN his first wife". Oblong polished granite.

H 463 In East Transept of Church - "Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM 9th BARON ROLLO born 28 May 1809 died suddenly 8th Oct. 1852 - Ye know not what shall be on the morrow - To-day if ye will hear His voice harden not your Hearts - Behold now is the accepted time: Behold now the Day of Salvation". Marble shield with Rollo crest at the top and with slate background.

H 464 In East Transept of Church - "Secred to the memory of JOHN 8th BARON ROLLO who died on 24 Dec. 1846 aged 73 and also in memory of his wife AGNES, LADY ROLLO who died on 3 Feb. 1855 - Be ye therefore ready also for the Son of Man cometh at an hour when ye think not - The wages of sin is Death, but the Gift of God is Eternal Life, through Jesus Christ Our Lord". Marble scroll with Rollo crest at the top and with black slate background.

H 465 In East Transept of Church - "Sacred to the Memory of ELIZABETH ROGERSON wife of WILLIAM, Master of Rollo died 10 Jun. 1836 aged 23 years". Marble shield with Rollo crest at the top and with black slate background.

H 466 On South Wall inside Church - "Ga Varly - V D - I K - 1615". Small stone with DRUMMOND coat of arms. WILLIAM DRUMMOND of Pitcairn.

H 467 At base of Tower Stair - "Here lays JAMES HUNTER son to ROBERT HUNTER minister and MARGARET HUNTER - He died Apryle 11 1672 in the 5th year of his age - For age a chyld a man in manners - Isiah LXV 20 - Parentibus charus, omnibus delectus, hunc florentenerum pater coelestis ad gloriam eternam transtulit".

H 468 On South Wall - "In Memorium JACOBUS GRAEME". Small circular marble on slate base - Lion rampant on top of shield shape showing three scallop shells with three pennants below and under the shield "Noli me tangere". The above inscription is below this. JAMES GRAEME of Garvock.

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