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St Serf's church, Dunning. Grave Stones 119 to 237

(with minor corrections March 2012)

C119 "1623 T. R. (with skull) - THOMAS RUTHERFORD - lay ---- within imprisoned for my sin --- imperfect in houp to be set by the second Adam free". Very small stone - sound but worn - oldest stone in graveyard.

C120 "In loving memory of DAVID GEORGE STEWART MOIR who died at West End 30th Jan. 1929 aged 62". Large polished granite stone with single plinth - good condition.

C121 "1886 - Erected in memory of HELEN PATERSON ALLAN who died 18th Feb. 1874 aged 2 years. Also MARY who died 27th June 1884 aged 9 years and JOHN ALLAN, Mason, who died 17th Mar. 1886 aged 25 years. JOHN ALLAN father of the above who died 24th Aug. 1889 aged 52 years. Also his daughter MARGARET LAING who died 16th Nov. 1911 aged 45 years. And his grand-daughter HELEN PATERSON who died 18th Jan. 1908 aged 28 years. And his wife JEMIMA ANDERSON DEUCHAR who died lst Nov. 1927 aged 88 years". Large sandstone stone with ornamental top and plinth - good condition.

C121a "In loving memory of HENRY IRVINE died 20th May 1892, his wife ELIZABETH WHYTOCK died 12th Aug. 1903. JANET IRVINE died 22nd Oct. 1926. WILLIAM IRVINE died 24th Feb. 1960". Granite stone on plinth - excellent condition.

C122 "1819 - Erected by PETER DONALDSON, Ladywells, in memory of his father DAVID DONALDSON who died 7th Jan. 1819 aged 73. Also his sister MARY DONALDSON who died 21st Mar. 1819 aged 26". Medium sandstone stone with curved top - flaking on front and badly flaked on back.

C122a "----- Dunning 14th June 1744 ----- Aged 53 years and had two wives MARJORY WHITTOCK and ANN HOTSON and set up by DAVID McLEREN". On back - Skull - Crown - Hammer - "W W (Possibly WILLIAM WHITTOCK) MW A H D M I W - Memento More". Small square stone - flaking badly and partly buried.

C123 "1833 - Erected by MATTHEW LAWSON, wright, Dunning in memory of his son HENRY who died 19th June aged 3 years. Also ELISABETH CAIRNS his wife who died 6th July aged 29 years. THOMAS his son died 1st Jan. 1905 aged 73". Medium sized stone - fairly good condition but beginning to flake at front.

C124 "L - In memory of MATTHEW LAWSON, Banker, Dunning, who died 4th Nov. 1877 aged 81 and his wife ELIZABETH MARTIN who died 26th Jan. 1907 aged 90. Also their son JAMES MARTIN who died 22nd Sep. 1875 aged 23". Large granite stone - good condition.

C125 "1812 - Erected by JAMES JOHNMAN, Feuar in Neutoun of Pitcairn to the memory of JOHN JOHNMAN, Wright, who died 11th Jan. 1812 aged 36 years. He was son to ANDREW JOHNMAN, late tenant in Rossie and MARGARET PATERSON his spouse". Ornamental sandstone stone with pineapple motif at top - flaking on West face - fair condition.

C126 "Erected by JAMES JOHNMAN in memory of his wife MARY PURDIE who died 20th Mar. 1912 aged 54 and his father ANDREW JOHNMAN who died 4th Apr. 1861 aged 57. His mother CHRISTINA PATERSON who died 13th Mar. 1890 aged 79. Also his sisters CATHERINE who died 25th Oct. 1887 aged 49, ISABELLA who died 28th June 1849 aged 9 years. Also the above JAMES JOHNMAN who died 12th Jan. 1921 aged 77 years". Largish sandstone stone with round top - good condition.

C127 "Erected by DAVID SCOUGALL in memory of his father DAVID SCOUGALL who died 18th Apr. 1856 aged 78 years. Also his mother ANN FRASER who died 12th Dec. 1862 aged 67 years. His wife JEMIMA SCOTT died 12th Feb. 1881 aged 43 years. The above DAVID SCOUGALL died 8th Sep. 1906 aged 71 years and his sister AMELIA died 6th July 1899 aged 69 years. Also his sister MARY died 15th -- 1910 aged 72 years. DAVID SCOUGALL son of the above died 3rd Jan. 1930 in his 61st year and MARGARET ALLISON his wife died 31st Jan. 1935 in her 65th year". Sandstone stone (with top fallen) on plinth - flaking on back - fair condition.

C128 "Here --- JOHN MILLER ---- in West Kepp --- S P 1758 aged 40 - -- Sons --- JAMES E. --- his brother JAMES --- 180-- is ISO--- (possibly ISOBEL) RUTHERFORD spouse to --- MILLER there father and --- Daughters". On back - Winged head - "I M I R - Memento Mori" and Farmer's Trade Sign - "Sock and Coulter". Small sandstone stone - flaking - poor condition.

C129 "In memory of JOHN PATERSON, Feuar, Dunning, who died 3rd Apr. 1879 and of his wife MARGARET MARSHALL who died 4th Apr. 1870". On plinth - "Erected by his relatives". Largish sandstone stone on plinth - good condition.

C130 "In memory of JOHN ROBERTSON late proprietor of Rintoul, Kinross- shire who died at Dunning 2nd July 1858 aged 92, and of his wife CHRISTIAN MUDIE who died 3rd Aug. 1848 aged 70. Also of their son WILLIAM who died at Falkirk 21st Dec. 1848 and of their daughter CHRISTIAN who died 15th June 1864". Large ornamental sandstone on plinth - reasonable condition.

C131 "1781 - Here lyes the dust of ANDREW MUDIE aged 83 years. Also JAMES MUDIE his son who died Nov. 1753 and of JOHN MUDIE his son who died 1805 and of CHRISTIAN ROBERTSON of Toughie, Kinross-shire, wife of JOHN MUDIE who died 31---". On back - Angel "The arms of MUDIE" "Momento Mori" Below - skull, crossbones and hour glass. Smallish sandstone stone - partly flaked - fair condition.

C132 "I H S - Sacred to the memory of ANNE LAWRENCE the beloved wife of ANDREW ROBERTSON who died 25th Mar. 1873. ANDREW ROBERTSON, J.P., born 23rd Mar. 1803, died 1st Sep 1886. CHRISTINA daughter of the above died 15th Apr. 1898. JANE ANNE her sister died 19th Aug. 1903". Large granite stone on plinth - Celtic cross at top - good condition.

C133 "1855 - Erected by ALEXANDER HENDERSON in memory of his father ROBERT HENDERSON who died 29th Mar. aged 72 years and his mother MARY WILSON wife of the above who died 16th Feb. 1861 aged 77 years". On back - Angel "1761" Weaver's Trade Sign - "Loom, shuttle and weights" - "Memento Mori" - Below - skull, crossbones and hour glass - "WH IH GH IH DH IH AH" Small stone - reasonable condition.

C134 "Erected by JOHN WINTON in affectionate remembrance of his mother JANE RUTHERFORD WINTON who died 20th June 1897 aged 55 years. Also his father CHARLES WINTON who died 31st May 1913 aged 69 years". Tall polished granite stone - pointed top - two plinths - good condition.

C135 "In memory of JOHN ALLAN who died 17th Nov. 1887 aged 80 years and HELEN PATERSON his wife who died May 1848 aged 36 years. Also their son JAMES who died 13th June 1887 aged 52 years. Also their son PETER who died 18th Apr. 1928 aged 83 years". Horizontal stone against churchyard wall - fair condition but dirty on face.

C136 "Here lies the body ---- HESTER spouse to JOHN ---- she died --- 1728 --- Corpus --- and ---es ---". On back - "Memento mori" Skull, hour glass and cross bones - "JA MH - 1730". Small sandstone stone with rounded head - wearing on faces.

C137 "Erected by DAVID, WILLIAM, JOHN, THOMAS and JAMES TOD in memory of their mother ISABELLA NIVEN who died 8th June 1835 aged 35 years. Also their father THOMAS TOD, Mains of Gorthy, who died Dec. 1862 aged 65 years". On back - "1856 - O' death where is Thy sting O' grave where is Thy victory". Medium sized stone - coned top with ornamental laurel wreath and carvings - good condition - slightly leaning.

C138 "In memory of WILLIAM NIVEN (Merchant) Dunning who departed this life on 12th Feb. 1816 aged 84 years. He lived and died in the hope of a glorious resurrection. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him (1 Thessal. Chapter 1V Verse X1V). MARGARET TOD spouse of the above died 16th Apr. 1841 aged 78 years. Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord". Medium sized stone with ornamental domed top carved urn with leaf sprays - good condition - distinct lettering.

C139 "Sacred to the memory of CHRISTINA A. SMITH who died at Rossie 5th Jan. 1872 aged 28 years. In the midst of life we are in death". Medium sized stone with decorated domed top (motive and "72") - reasonably good condition but some moss.

C140 "In memory of ANDREW PATTERSON farmer Mains of Duncrub who died 22nd Dec. 1852 aged 66 years. Also of JANET PATTERSON wife of DAVID SINCLAIR who died 27th Feb. 1877". Large rectangular stone with triangular pediment - reasonable condition.

C141 "Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM MORRISON, farmer, Rossie, who died 25th Sep. 1869 aged 92 years. And of his wife JEAN COWPER who died 7th July 1875 aged 81 years. Also of their sons DAVID who died 29th Dec. 1840 aged 13 years, ANDREW, farmer, Inchmichael and Flawcraig, who died 10th July 1863 aged 51 years; JOHN, Army Chaplain Colchester, who died 24th Feb. 1897 aged 76 years; ROBERT farmer Dalreoch who died 4th Apr. 1898 aged 83 years. And of ISABELLA RITCHIE wife of the above ANDREW MORRISON who died 5th Jan. 1900 aged 73 years. JESSIE SINCLAIR wife of the above ROBERT MORRISON who died 6th Dec. 1901 aged 75 years. Their son JAMES MORRISON, Rossie, who died 5th Feb. 1908 aged 89 years. JESSIE PATERSON his wife died 24th Feb. 1905 aged 75 years. Buried in Topeka, Kansas, U.S.A.". Fallen granite pediment and inscribed rectangular slab - large double plinth.

C142 "In loving memory of JAMES DUNCAN died 5th May 1914 aged 85 years. And his wife JESSIE WATSON who died 29th July 1901 aged 72 years. Their sons DAVID died 9th Aug. 1861 aged 13 months; GEORGE died 1st Dec. 1879 aged 27 years. Their daughter HELEN died 14th Feb. 1949 aged 81. Also JESSIE HAYNE died 6th Aug. 1952 aged 82. Polished rectangular granite slab on plinth - good condition.

C143 Angel above - "ROBERT STRACHAN in Myle End died 173- aged 59 and his wife MARGARET RUTHERFORD who died 1745 aged 5-". On back - "1745" - Crown, shoe and leather knife. - This stone was repaired by ROBERT STRACHAN his grandson 1798". Small stone in poor condition.

C144 "Here lyes the dust of ANDREW HENDERSON husband to JANET BRODIE. He died 28th June 1732 of his age 58. His children JH AH JH JH AH JH EH - Memento Moris - set up 1737 by me JANET BRODIE in Kipen of Innarmay". On back - "AH" Angel, crossbones, hour glass and skull "HB" - Farmer's Trade Sign - "Sock and Coulter". Small stone - partly buried - reasonable condition for age.

C145 "I.G. Heir lays the corps of ---EN ----NDRSON Botman in Dalrag who died in the yeir 16--. I. H. He sent eig--- ove--- the --- E O --- XV11 ye - Memento Mori". With boat, oars, skull and crossbones, Sextons Tools. Small partly buried sandstone stone - sound but inscription worn.

C146 "In loving memory of JOHN ROBERTSON beloved husband of ANNE PHILP who died 3rd Apr. 1945 aged 44 years and their daughter MARGARET MARY who died 22nd May 1935 aged 14 months. And the above ANNE PHILP who died 13th Aug. 1990". Pink polished granite stone with unpolished plinth - good condition.

C147 "This monument erected by ALEXANDER CHALMERS of Inverdunning to the memory of MARGARET BONAR his beloved spouse, a person of distinguished fervent unaffected piety which marked every part of her character. She was an affectionate wife, compassionate to the indigent and afflicted, patient and resigned under much bodily distress. By the exercise of these and other virtues she was an ornament to religion and has left an example to --- who through faith, patience ----. She died in -- year of her age -- was --- of June 1796". Large flat stone - flaking and generally in poor condition.

C148 "Erected by ANN NIVEN and family ANDREW, JOHN, CHARLES, JAMES, ANN, HELLAN, AN---- in memory of her --- JOHN HENDERSON ---father who died --- aged 62 --- And a boy who died in infancy. The above ANN NIVEN died 9th Jan. 1884. in her 84th year". Medium sandstone stone - badly flaked - poor condition.

C149 "In memory of PETER CHALMERS who died 13th July 1885 aged 65. His wife ANN HENDERSON died 9th Oct. 1911 aged 79. Their son JOHN died 19th Feb. 1900 aged 31. Their elder son JAMES died 21st June 1910 aged 53. His wife CATHERINE MACFARLANE died 14th Mar. 1895 aged 40. Their daughter CATHIE died 7th Oct. 1899 aged 6. And in loving memory of MARGARET MACFARLANE CHALMERS who died 12th Dec. 1941." Smooth sandstone stone with sculptured head - off the plinth but in reasonable condition.

C150 "Erected to the memory of JOHN MITCHELL farmer Woodhead of Garvock who died 11th Nov. 1850 aged 86. His spouse CATHERINE MARSHALL who died 26th Dec. 1842 aged 78. His daughter CATHERINE who died 12th Apr. 1832 aged 41. His son DAVID who died 20th Apr. 1835 aged 29. His grandchild JANE THOMSON who died 18th June 1842 aged 16. Also his son WILLIAM who died 16th Oct. 1873 aged 77. And his daughter MARY who died 28th Jan. 1883 aged 84. And his daughter JEAN who died 24th Dec. 1888 aged 93". Tall stone with moulded top and face - leaning against east staircase wall - condition fair.

C151 "Sacred to the memory of The Very Rev. PATON JAMES GLOAG, D.D. LL.D. born 17th May 1823 died 9th Jan 1906 minister of the Parish of Dunning, Blantyre and Galashiels, Moderator of the General Assembly 1889, Interim Professor of Biblical Criticism Aberdeen University 1896 - 1899. Also ELIZABETH STOBIE LANG his wife, born at Glasford 21st May 1840, died at Edinburgh 21st July 1914. Also his brother WILLIAM ELLIS GLOAG , Lord Kincairney, Senator of The College of Justice, youngest and last of the family of WILLIAM GLOAG banker, Perth, born 1828 died and buried Caputh 1909". Polished granite stone on wall at east staircase - good condition.

C151a "CATHERINE BURN GLOAG".....CECILIA...... Small stone on East staircase wall - deteriorating and lettering faded.

C152 Transcription of Latin wording - "Here lies in the hope of a better time ANDREW GLOAG died 1648 and EUPHEMIA SWANSON his wife died 1654. JOHN GLOAG died 1674 and CHRISTIANA MILLER his wife. JOHN GLOAG died 27th Sep. 1738 and JANET ALICE his wife. JANET GLOAG their daughter died 26th Oct. 1758. WILLIAM GLOAG died 15th Feb. 1784 and MARGARET MURRAY his wife, their daughters ANNA aged 1, CATHERINE aged 5 and JANET widow of ROBERT ALICE of Blairingone. JOHN GLOAG died 5th Jun. 1820 aged 82. CECILIA AUSTIN his wife died 16th Nov. 1824 aged 86. WILLIAM GLOAG died 6th Mar. 1856 aged 77. JANET BURN his wife died 11th Dec. 1864 aged 78 ----- JOHN AUSTIN LAKE GLOAG their eldest son died 10th Jan. 1886 aged 63. JANET daughter of WILLIAM GLOAG died 7th Jul. 1890 aged 73. Rest in peace". Large flat slab at East staircase - beginning to flake.

C153 "1798 - Here lies the dust of JOHN HENDERSON late tenant in Wester Balquhandy who died 10th Jun. 1795 aged 62 years. Also near this stone lies the dust of MARGARET RUTHERFORD his first spouse and of JAMES and MARY their children. This stone was erected by JANET HENDERSON their only surviving daughter. The erector of this stone died on 24th Nov. 1849 aged 78 years". On back - "Farmer's Trade Sign - Plough" Medium sized sandstone stone with rounded top - fair condition.

C154 "Placed by his comrades The Perth City Police in memory of THOMAS HENDERSON who died 1st Mar. 1911 aged 44 years". Small marble slab in shape of open book in front of Stone No. C153.

C155 "In loving memory of JAMES HENDERSON who died 18th Dec. 1940 aged 64 years. And his wife MARY WILKINSON who died 27th Oct. 1953 aged 79 years. Also their daughters MAISIE SCOTT GIBSON who died 11th Apr. 1990 aged 85 years. JEAN MILLER KYLE who died 23rd July 1991 aged 84 years". Polished granite slab standing on large plinth - good condition.

C156 "In memory of ALEXANDER PAIRNIE who died 30th June 1887 aged 77 years. For 50 years he was joiner at Aberdalgie and this stone erected by his neighbours marks their grateful remembrance of his generous and manly character". Rectangular stone with scalloped top - flaking - fair condition.

C157 Latin Inscription - "JAMES HENDERSON of Boathaugh aged 71 and his wife MARGARET HALLY (Possibly 1731) - That death is certain, one may be sure, but the hour and day are uncertain. Mortals therefore must always reckon on its approach. As they pass over the boundary from life to death the kingdom of Christ will welcomed them". Large flat stone.

C158 "Erected by JANE ORR to the memory of her mother ELIZABETH SEDGWICK who died 5th Apr. 1855 aged 66 years. And of her brother the Rev. MATTHEW ORR, Minister of the U.P. Congregation, Dalreoch, who died 25th Sep. 1870 aged 53 years. Christ whom we preached, the hope and glory (I Cor. Chap. XV Verse 53)". Medium/large stone with pointed top and moulded plinth - floral decoration at top - flaking badly on back.

C159 "Erected 1850 by the Congregation of Dalreoch in memory of The Rev. ROBERT CLARKE their late pastor who died 4th Oct. 1848 aged 53, having laboured amongst them during 26 years. His wife GRACE CLARKE and four of their children also interred here". Rectangular slab with carved curved top - fair condition.

C160 "17 T M K P 52" At foot of stone "two crests - one a heart and the other a diagonal cross with four stags heads, one in each section". Large flat stone - badly worn.

C161 "--95 --- this-----". On back - Face with wings each side on top rounded area. Medium sized sandstone stone with rounded top - badly worn both sides.

C162 "1769 - Here Lyes the dust of JANET FLEEMING spouse to JAMES BUCHAN in West Third who died 21th July 1763. Also ISABEL BUCHAN daughter to JAMES BUCHAN and ISABEL ANDERSON who died 10th May 1772 aged 7 years". On back - Angel - "J B I A" "Memento mori" Small stone - reasonable condition for age.

C163 "Erected to the memory of WILLIAM CHISHOLM died 12th Nov. 1926 aged 73 years and his wife JANET HEPBURN died 18th Jan. 1937 aged 78 years. Also their son DAVID HEPBURN, Banker, Stirling, died 1st July 1952 aged 61 years". Large polished granite stone with double plinth - good condition.

C164 "1848 - Erected by RICHARD SCOT, Dunning, in memory of his father and mother". Small sandstone stone - poor condition.

C165 "In loving memory of DONALD MACDUFF who died 8th Nov. 1920. Also his wife JEANNIE MILLER who died 28th Oct. 1939. Their daughter JANET who died 18th July 1961". Large polished grey granite stone - double plinth with "Macduff" on top one - good condition.

C166 "Sacred to the memory of FRANCIS WINTON beloved husband to ELIZABETH McRAE who died 5th Dec. 1959 aged 62 years. And of the above ELIZABETH McRAE who died 8th June 1967 aged 72 years". Polished grey granite stone on plinth - good condition.

C167 "Erected by THOMAS WINTON in memory of his mother ANN WINTON who died 14th Feb. 1890 aged 59 years. Also his son DAVID died 16th Feb. 1890 aged 2 years and 7 months. His wife ANN EASSON died 21st May 1927 aged 69. Also their sons JAMES, Pte. S. Guards, killed at Ypres, 30th Mar. 1916 aged 20; ALEXANDER, L/C London Scot, killed at Kemel Hill, 21st Aug. 1918 aged 18. And their son-in-law F. V. BARNFIELD, Pte. Scots Greys killed in Action in France 19th June 1916, aged 25. The above THOMAS WINTON who died 18th Jan. 1932 aged 72 years". Large ornamental sandstone stone with "Winton" on plinth - flaking on back.

C168 "W Y - Here lys the corps of WILLIAM YOUNG who died upon the 21st Mar. 1668. And of his age the -- year". Small broken stone leaning against wall.

C169 "Erected by RICHARD CLOW in memory of his beloved father RICHARD CLOW who died 11th June 1874 aged 69 years. ANNE BARCLAY his wife who died 16th Dec. 1885 aged 80 years. RICHARD CLOW son of the above died in Frankstown 19th June 1880 aged 42 years. Likewise their son DAVID died in Colorado 1st Jan. 1882 aged 46 years. Be thou faithful unto death and I will give thee a crown of Life - Rev. 2 10)". Large decorated stone on plinth - beginning to flake - reasonable condition.

C170 Unreadable. Small stone - flaked surfaces.

C171 "Erected by WILLIAM DEUCHAR, Feuar, Dunning, and his wife MARGARET FLOCKHART in memory of their children ALEXANDER born 16th Apr. 1847 died 7th June 1849; MARGARET born 15th Jan. 1835, died 28th Jan. 1857; JOHN born 29th Feb. 1842, died 12th Sep. 1867; MARY born 31st July 1839, died 31st May 1869; PETER born 21st Oct. 1849, died 10th July 1879; WILLIAM born 24th Jan. 1837, died 12th Aug. 1879. The above WILLIAM DEUCHAR born 10th Oct. 1807, died 11th Nov. 1884 aged 77 years. The above MARGARFET FLOCKHART died 5th June 1890 aged 77 years". Tall pointed sandstone stone on plinth - good condition.

C172 "---- lies JOHN OSWALD and ----- his spouse. This ---- their ----- aged. ANDREW OSWALD whose --- spouse JEAN --- lies. Also interred in this --- mother of six sons and four daughters of whom three are dead of each sex". On back - Carving of scissors and iron - "Memento mori". Small stone with pointed top - leaning and badly flaked.

C173 "Erected by JAMES FLEMING in memory of his wife AGNES SMALL who died 24th May 1841 aged 29 years". Medium height sandstone stone with pedimental top - good condition.

C174 Unreadable. Broken stone.

C175 "Erected by WILLIAM LAWSON in memory of his father HENRY LAWSON who died 1891 aged 67, his mother MARY HONEY died 1909 aged 77, his daughter LOTTIE died 1926 aged 30. The above WILLIAM LAWSON, joiner, died 26th Feb. 1933 aged 70 and his wife MARY ANN WALKER died 19th Nov. 1934 aged 76". Large granite stone with black applied letters on double plinth - excellent condition.

C176 Unreadable. Small oddly shaped stone - partly buried.

C177 "In loving memory of CHARLOTTE M. LAWSON our colleague and teacher from the staff and pupils Slamannan School. Small marble stone with scrolled ends - reasonable condition - dirty.

C178 "1787 - Transcription from Latin - "Sacred to the memory of EUPHEMIA BAIRD wife of Rev. JOHN BENGO who died 6th Apr. 1786 aged 34". On back - "To the memory of the Revrd. JOHN BENGO late Minister of the Gospel in Dunning, who died 6th Oct. 1805, the 62 year of his age and 25 years of his Ministry". Medium stone with pointed top - reasonable condition - badly tilted.

C179 "Sacred to the memory of JAMES PARNIE who died 22nd Feb. 1870 aged 62 years. Also his wife AGNES NAIRN who died 9th Sep. 1896 aged 79 years. ISABELLA his daughter died 9th May 1912 aged 71 years. JAMES his son died at East-Chicago l3th Feb. 1913 aged 53 years. Also their daughters CATHERINE died 6th Feb. 1917 aged 82 years, MARGARET died 19th Aug. 1938 aged 84 years - Erected by their family". Large pointed stone with double plinth - good condition.

C180 "Erected to the memory of MARGARET RUSSELL who died 28th Nov. 1847 aged 70. Piety was the governing principle of her mind through life, and her last moments were composed and tranquil. This monument was erected by her affectionate brother JAMES RUSSELL, D.D. Minister of the Parish of Dunning who died 8th Oct. 1860 in the 95th year of his age and 43rd of his Ministry". Large stone with scrolled top and plinth - leaning sideways - reasonable condition.

C181 "This stone is erected to the memory of MARGARET MONTGOMERY RAE who died 18th Sep. 1859 aged 48. As a tribute of respect and affection by her neice C. H. R. PURVES. The above C. H. R. PURVES who died 25th Jan. 1861 aged 19 years - Asleep in Jesus". Small obelisk with leaf scroll - reasonable condition.

C182 "Y - In memory of WILLIAM YOUNG beloved husband of HELENA CUMMING who died at Garvock House 15th Apr. 1937. The above HELENA CUMMING who died 1st Mar. 1950". Also their son George Peter Young who died 5th October, 1997. Tall granite stone on plinth - good condition.

C183 "In memory of DAVID DUNCAN who died 14th Dec. 1875 aged 43. His wife MARY DUNCAN died 12th July 1915 aged 83. His daughter MARY died 26th Aug. 1862 aged 2". Large sandstone stone with rounded top, on plinth - good condition.

C183a "166- IG IW " Buried stone.

C184 "----- and his ----- JANET ----- who died 12th Dec. 1875. Also the above WILLIAM L-----, Coachman, who died at Duncrub Park 16th Apr. ---- aged 75 years". Medium sized stone with rounded head - broken off pedestal but still upright - badly flaked.

C185 "In loving memory of our dear father JAMES PARK SCOBIE died 11th Aug. 1939 aged 60 years, and our dear mother EMMELINE ADA CLARKE died 1st July 1960 aged 66 years". Medium sized granite stone on plinth - good condition.

C186 "In affectionate rememberance of PETER MARSHALL who died at Dunning 5th Nov. 1884 aged 66 years. --- of his wife HELEN PATERSON died 14th Mar. 189- aged 74 years. Also HELEN their daughter who died at Dunning --- May 1932 aged 80 years. Them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with Him". Tall sandstone stone with rounded top - on plinth - face badly flaked - otherwise reasonable.

C187 "1879 - In memory of GRAEME PATERSON, Merchant, Dunning, who died June 1867, and of his wife HELEN MILLER who died Dec. 1876". On back - "1830 - Erected by GRAEME PATERSON, Merchant, Dunning, in memory of MARGARET McPHERSON his mother who died 26th Mar. 1814 aged 68 years. Also 2 of his children who died in infancy". Small sandstone stone with pointed top - reasonable condition.

C188 "1869 - Erected by WILLIAM BOSS in memory of his daughter CATHERINE who died 24th Feb. 1869 aged 10 months, and of his father JOHN BOSS who died 29th May 1880 aged 88 years. Also his mother MARGARET WHYTOCK who died 29th May 1890 aged 86 years". Medium sized sandstone stone with ornamental top on plinth - sound and reasonable condition.

C189 "1783 - Here lys the dust of EUPHAN ROBERTSON who was espous to JOHN BARNET, tennent in Boghall, who died 29th Oct. 1783 aged 39 years. Also lys here BATRICE BROWN spouse to JAMES BARNET, tennent in Boghall, who died 18th Jan. 1775 aged 66 years". On back - Angel - plough - "IB EB IB BB - Memento mori" - skull, crossbones and crossed arrows. Medium sized stone with rounded top - leaning badly.

C190 "In loving memory of ROBERT DAVIE who died 31st Mar. 1916 aged 85 years and his wife CATHERINE BOSS who died 5th Nov. 1922 aged 93 years. Also their daughter CHRISTINA who died 17th Nov. 1925 aged 63 years. ROBINA who died 21st Nov. 1956 aged 85 years. ISABELLA who died 16th Feb. 1963 aged 89 years". Large granite stone on plinth with applied letters - good condition.

C191 "Sacred to the memory of MARGARET WATSON wife of JOHNSTONE WRIGHT who died 16th Oct. 1913 aged 69 years, and their daughter JANE ANN who died 19th Dec. 1873 aged 3 years. The above JOHNSTONE WRIGHT who died 15th Dec. 1923 aged 82 years. And their daughters ELENA DODDS who died 17th Oct. 1939 aged 63 years, MARGARET WATSON WRIGHT died 4th Mar. 1953 aged 71 years". Tall ornamental black granite stone with double plinth - gold incised lettering - excellent condition - base exposed.

C192 Unreadable. Half stone on it's side - angel scroll on top. Possibly part of Stone No. C174.

C193 "Erected by JANET DOUGALL in memory of her husband WILLIAM LAWSON, Wright, Newton of Pitcairns, who died 15th Dec. 1873 aged 79 years, and of their children MATTHEW aged 11 years, JAMES aged 7 years, EUPHEMIA aged 7 weeks. The above JANET DOUGALL died 3rd May 1890 aged 89 years. WILLIAM son of the above WILLIAM LAWSON died 14th Apr. 1896 aged 66 years. ANN LAWSON died 3rd Feb. 1905 aged 67 years. JEANIE LAWSON died 29th Sep. 1918 aged 80 years. JOHN CRIGHTON died 13th May 1940 aged 69 years and his wife JANET LAWSON died 13th Aug. 1964 aged 93 years". Large upright stone - beginning to flake at bottom - reasonable condition.

C194 "1869 - Erected in memory of ROBERT MURRAY who died 11th Sep. 1852 aged 40 years, and JOHN M. THOMSON who died 27th Sep. 186- aged 41 years. Also in memory of BETSY relict of the above ROBERT MURRAY and JOHN M. THOMSON who died 10th Apr. aged 59 years. To me to live is -- and to die is ga--". Medium upright stone - flaking at the bottom - reasonable condition.

D195 "Erected by JOHN HENDERSON in loving remembrance of CATHERINE LOGAN his wife born in the Parish of Croick, Ross-shire. Died Dunning 27th Aug. 1861 in her 59th year. Now resting in peace. Also JOHN HENDERSON born at Dunning 18th May 1828, died at Bankfoot 9th May 1909". Broken stone lying against East wall - poor condition - lower part of stone nearby.

D196 "Erected by Mrs WATSON Pitcairn House, in memory of JOHN JENKINS who died at Newton of Pitcairns 19th Jun. 1886 aged 81. For 35 years the faithful friend and servant of the late WILLIAM LECKIE EWING, Esquire, of Arngomery, Stirlingshire, and of his son-in-law the late JAMES E. WATSON, Esquire, also of ANNE wife of JOHN JENKINS who died in 1880 aged 78. Medium sandstone stone with pointed top with flower and leaf - fair condition.

D197 "In affectionate remembrance of GEORGE McLEISH beloved husband of ISABELLA ANGUS who died 3rd Apr. 1901 aged 58 years and of their family GEORGE who died 22nd Nov. 1851 aged 2 years, JOHN who died 5th May 1870 aged 9 years WILLIAM who died 9th Jun. 1872 aged 16 months. The above ISABELLA ANGUS died 20th Jun. 1916 aged 73 years. Also of GEORGE ANGUS who died 28th Jun. 1885 aged 75 years and ISABELLA McPHERSON his wife who died 1st May. 1877 aged 72 years, father and mother of the above ISABELLA ANGUS. Erected by their family". Tall sandstone stone with leaf decoration on pointed top and plinth - fairly good condition.

D198 "W A". Very small stone lying against wall - poor condition.

D199 "In loving memory of ARTHUR WARD who died at Rose Cottage, Dunning, 8th Nov. 1924 aged 64 years. Also his wife ELIZABETH KIDD who died at Perth Infirmary 12th June 1924 aged 62 years. Father in Thy gracious keeping leave we now Thy servants sleeping". Large pointed sandstone stone with leaf moulding at top - plinth - fair condition - leaning against wall.

D200 "---NCRUB (Possibly Duncrub) 14th May 1872 22 years". Small sandstone stone - double arched head - badly spalled with most of inscription flaked off - leaning against wall.

D201 "Sacred to the memory of ROBERT FERGUSON who died 2nd Oct. 1918 aged 58 years and his wife JEMIMA STEVEN who died 9th Aug. 1934 aged 74 years". Small white marble stone - scrolled - dirty.

D202 "Cherished memories of my dear aunts CATHERINE who died 10th Feb. 1950, MARGARET who died 20th Jan. 1963. Erected by their neice GRACE". Polished granite stone with rounded top and plinth.

D203 "Sacred to the memory of Little MARY daughter of ROBERT and JANET MATTHEWS who died at Duncrub Gardens 12th Mar. 1893 aged 1 year". Very small stone - vertical column missing.

D204 "In loving memory of JANET MACLEAN wife of ROBERT MATTHEWS who died 2nd Jan. 1933 aged 76. Also of their daughter MARY who died 12th Mar. 1893 aged 1 year. Also the above ROBERT MATTHEWS who died 11th Apr. 1947 aged 86 years". Tall polished granite stone on plinth - good condition.

D205 "In loving memory of ROBERT S. ROBERTSON beloved husband of CHRISTINA SCOTT who died 28th Aug. 1929 aged 57 years. Also the above CHRISTINA SCOTT who died 14th May 1937 aged 61 years. MARY JANE WRIGHT who died 29th May 1989 aged 65 years beloved wife of JOHN ROBERTSON". Polished black granite stone with rounded top on plinth.

D206 "In loving memory of ANNABELLA JOHNSTONE wife of JOHN DOUGALL, slater, who died 1st Feb. 1896 aged 50 years. JANE DOUGALL who died 5th Jun. 1891 aged 21 years. ANDREW DOUGALL who died 26th Dec. 1891 aged 1 years. The above JOHN DOUGALL died 28th Oct. 1899 aged 54 years. ROBERT DOUGALL died 30th Nov.1900 aged 19 years". Large red sandstone stone with stone surround - good condition.

D207 "In loving memory of HENRY REID SWORD who died 15th Nov. 1920 aged 50 years and his wife ISABELLA AITKEN BROWN who died 15th Dec. 1927 aged 62 years". Large marble stone with Celtic Cross.

D208 "Rest in peace - GEORGE BURGESS died 1st Feb. 1878 aged 83. MARY CHALMERS his wife died 7th Dec. 1891 aged 89. PETER 3rd son died 25th Oct. 1873 aged 35". Tall sandstone stone with arched head and side columns on double plinth - flaking.

D209 "In loving memory of JAMES McLAREN who died 7th Feb. 1930 aged 78 years and his wife CHRISTINA MARTIN who died 30th Apr. 1920 aged 67 years. Also their children DUNCAN, JOHN, and child who died in infancy and their son ROBERT who died 13th Nov. 1911 at Fatehcarh, India, aged 25 years". Tall ornamental polished granite stone on double plinth - very good condition.

D210 "In loving memory of JOHN ROBERTSON, Corb, who died at Greenhill Cottage 4th Mar. 1916 aged 77 years and his wife CATHERINE ANDERSON who died 10th July 1925 aged 79 years. Also their daughters MARGARET who died 3rd Jan. 1912 aged 25 years, JANET died 27th Jan. 1952, CHRISTINA died 17th Sep. 1954 aged 77 years, CATHERINE ROBERTSON ROSS died 14th Nov. 1954 aged 75 years". Medium sized granite stone on plinth - good condition.

D211 "In loving memory of our father JOHN ROSS who died 14th Sep. 1914 aged 74 and our mother JESSIE BOAG who died 20th Nov. 1888 aged 55 - God is love". Polished granite stone on plinth - good condition - lying on its back.

D212 "In memory of MARGARET HUTCHISON wife of HERCULES BATHIE, Knowhead, who died 19th Nov. 1900 aged 72 years and HERCULES their son who died 10th Feb. 1873 aged 14 years. The above HERCULES BATHIE who died 9th Mar. 1911 aged 82 years. Also their eldest daughter MARGARET wife of ROBERT BUTCHART, Rhodesia, died 18th Apr. 1920 aged 66 years and is interred in Salisbury Cemetery. Their youngest daughter MARION BARCLAY died at Cambridge, Cape Province, S.A., 17th Dec. 1931 aged 64 years". Medium sized stone with decorated pointed top inset with grapes and vine leaves - good condition.

D213 "In loving memory of DAVID ANGUS who died at Pitmeadow 17th Jun. 1930 aged 62 years. Also his wife MARGARET MARY McILDOWIE who died at Binzian, Forgandenny, 19th Mar. 1942 aged 72 years". Tall granite stone with decorated pointed top - excellent condition.

D214 "J C " Small stone - badly flaked and leaning.

D215 "In loving memory of MARY SAGE who died 4th Mar. 1929 and MARGARET SAGE who died 7th Apr. 1931 aged 77 years. - She bade farewell to none, The Heavenly gates were open wide and the Saviour's voice said Come". Medium size black granite stone - good condition.

D216 "Erected by MARGARET EWING in memory of her son DAVID WHITE who died 6th Apr. 1882 aged 16 years 9 months. The above MARGARET EWING died 9th Nov. 1902 aged 64 years and her sister MARY wife of JOHN SAGE died 13th Dec. 1912 aged 80 years - Though lost to sight to memory dear". Medium size stone with decorated pointed top - good condition.

D217 "In affectionate remembrance of ANN McKILLOP who died 18th Jan. 1897 aged 75 years - Looking unto Jesus". Large red sandstone stone with carved round top.

D218 "CW - Erected by the family in loving memory of their father WILLIAM CONDIE who died 22nd July 1888 aged 79 years. Also of his children ELIZABETH aged 2 years 5 months, SOPHIA aged 2 years 8 months, ROBERT aged 4 years 8 months. And his wife ROBINA died 7th May 1914 aged 81 years". Tall sandstone stone with arched top - decorated and on double plinth - good condition.

D219 "1870 - Erected in memory of THOMAS YOUNG, farmer in Findony who died 21st Jul. 1869 aged 68 years. Also JAMES son of the above died 15th Dec. 1881 aged 26 years. JANET CAMPBELL relict of the above THOMAS YOUNG died 7th Apr. 1887 aged 71 years. Also PETER died 5th Apr. 1898 aged 37 years". Medium sized ornamental stone with arched top and on plinth - good condition.

D220 "In memory of JAMES REID who died at Dunning 9th Mar. 1928 aged 72 and his son CHARLES killed in action 16th May 1917 aged 33. Also his wife GRACE CLARK who died 29th Nov. 1942 aged 84". Polished granite stone with moulded top on single plinth - good condition.

D221 "In loving memory of DUNCAN McLAURIN who died at West End, Dunning 15th Apr. 1900 and his daughters CATHERINE who died at Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh 7th May 1912, ELIZABETH HAMILTON died at West End, Dunning 9th June 1912 - Never shall their memory fade". Medium size stone with rose carving and milling on side - good condition.

D222 "Erected by ANDREW GRAY and LILLIAS FULTON his wife in memory of their children JOHN who died 26th Feb. 1872 aged 6 weeks, ROBERT who died 6th July 1874 aged 5 years, JOAN who died 4th Feb. 1876 aged 3 years. The above ANDREW GRAY died 19th Aug. 1884 aged 40 years and the above LILLIAS FULTON died 3rd Sep. 1930 aged 88 years. MARGARET ANN beloved wife of JAMES DOUGALL, Builder, Dunning died 18th Apr. 1955 aged 72 years - Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven". Large upright stone - good condition.

D223 "In memory of GRACE WILKIE ANGUS beloved wife of GEORGE BOAG WESTWOOD who died at Boghall Farm lst Mar. 1924 aged 32 years. Also their son DAVID ANGUS Pte. R.A.S.C. who died 2nd Oct. 1942 aged 20 years interred Military Cemetery Heliopolis, Cairo. The above GEORGE BOAG WESTWOOD who died at Mosshead Farm 9th Mar. 1950 aged 63 years". On plinth - "Sadly missed". Tall dark polished granite stone with fern and leaf pattern on double plinth - excellent condition - fallen.

D224 "In loving memory of WILLIAM McLAGAN who died 19th Dec. 1957 aged 91 years. His wife ISABELLA HENDERSON who died 9th Jan. 1939 aged 67 years. Also their infant daughter CHRISSIE and their daughter JANET STEWART who died 11th Aug. 1965 aged 66 years". Small granite stone with polished face on plinth - good condition.

D225 "In memory of PETER ABRAHAM JONES born on Easter Monday 21st Apr. 1862 died Tuesday 15th Apr. 1890. MARY ABRAHAM wife of WILLIAM JONES mother of the above born 14th Feb. 1821 died at Kirklands 25th Nov. 1894". On back - "In affectionate remembrance by his daughter WILLIAM JONES, Land Steward. Duncrub, born 4th May 1822 died at Kirklands 8th Jun. 1905. MARGARITE ANN JONES died 11th Dec. 1930 aged 74 years". Tall red sandstone obelisk on double plinth - good condition.

D225a "Erected by their daughter MARY in loving memory of ROBERT M. MURRAY who died 26th Dec. 1943 aged 86 years and his wife ISABELLA BRUCE died 16th Apr. 1922 aged 64 years - Peace perfect peace". Marble shield shaped stone lying behind D225.

D226 "In memory of MARGARET A. CAMPBELL died 17th Mar. 1964 beloved wife of LEONARD SMITH. Also their daughter JANET died in infancy. The above LEONARD SMITH died 6th Dec. 1966".

D226a "In memory of NANCY daughter of JAMES and MARGARET CAMPBELL 6th Jun. 1935". Small marble shield shaped stone - dirty.

D227 "In loving memory of my father DAVID MILLER and my mother JANE ANDERSON died 26th Nov. 1932 ----ted by DIAN --JIM". Marble book shaped stone - broken and part missing.

D228 "1875 - Erected by JAMES MILLER, Baker, Dunning and ISABELLA FENTON his wife in memory of their children ISABELLA who died 12th Dec. 1873 aged 7 years and CHRISTINA who died 12th Dec. 1873 aged 4 years. The above ISABELLA FENTON died 9th Sep. 1884 aged 54 years. The above JAMES MILLER died 1st Apr. 1890 aged 63 years. His sister-in-law CHRISTINA FENTON died 24th Jul. 1887 aged 61 years". Large tall stone with conical top - good condition.

D229 "In memory of H. H. KITCHENER beloved son of JOHN and JEAN McLELLAN died 31st Jul. 1930 aged 14 years and of the above JEAN MILLER who died 21st Dec. 1963. JOHN McLELLAN who died 29th Sep. 1974 aged 85 years". Small stone with decorated inset - off plinth otherwise in good condition.

D230 "In loving memory of CHARLES ROBERTSON who died at Wester Clevage 28th Oct. 1911 aged 77 years and his brother ALEXANDER who died at Wester Clevage 30th Oct. 1905 aged 75 years. JANE ANN GUILD wife of the above CHARLES ROBERTSON died 18th May 1933 aged 85 years and their daughter MARY died 30th Jan. 1929 aged 47 years". Tall polished black granite stone on double plinth - excellent condition.

D231 "Erected by THOMAS DICKSON in affectionate remembrance of his father JAMES DICKSON, farmer, Bankfoot, who died 28th Feb. 1875 aged 56 years. His mother ANN PROUDFOOT who --- 7th May 1877 aged 60 years". Ornamental sandstone stone - poor condition - badly flaked.

D232 "Erected to the memory of GEORGE PHILP who died at Boghall 9th May 1910 aged 82 years. Also GEORGE PHILP son of JAMES PHILP aged 1 month and ELIZA REID BRYCE wife of the above GEORGE PHILP who died 22nd Feb. 1930 aged 80 years. Also their daughters MARGARET TAYLOR who died 17th Mar. 1945 aged 82 years and ANNIE CLARK who died 8th Feb. 1958 in the 72 year". Large grey granite stone on double plinth - good condition.

D233 "In loving memory of JOHN HOWIE who died 4th Jan. 1908 aged 60 years. Also his daughter CATHERINE MARY who died 9th Feb. 1876 aged 10 months. Also his son GEORGE HOWIE, F. and F. Yeo. killed in action in Palestine 6th Nov. 1917 aged 23 years. ELIZA McPHERSON wife of the above JOHN HOWIE died 11th Dec. 1933 aged 89 years. Also his father-in-law ANGUS McPHERSON who died 29th Jul. 1887 aged 82 years". Large upright polished granite stone - good condition

D234 "Erected by CHARLES HURRY in memory of his children JESSIE who died 2nd Mar. 1876 aged 7 months, HELEN who died 7th Sep. 1887 aged 6 weeks, JOHN died 20th Nov. 1912 aged 41 years. CHARLES HURRY died 21st Mar. 1918 aged 72 years. MARGARET McEWAN wife of CHARLES HURRY died 23rd Aug. 1920 aged 72 years. JAMES HURRY died 13th May 1943 aged 64 years. His last surviving daughter JEANNIE HURRY who died 2nd Aug. 1955 aged 73 years". Medium upright stone beginning to flake - plinth and stone separated.

D235 Plinth and small oblong stone lying on face.

D236 "In memory of ALEXANDER COMBE late Land Steward, Bargany, Ayrshire, who died at Dunning 13th May 1890 aged 86". Tall sandstone stone with pointed top and white marble inset - fair condition.

D237 "In memory of the Rev. JOHN WILSON, Doctor of Divinity, born 24th Jul. 1813 ordained minister of Forgandenny 1843 translated to Dunning 1861 died 1st Mar. 1878 - He being dead yet speaketh". On plinth - "Erected by the Parishioners of Dunning in grateful remembrance of his faithful ministry". On side - CATHERINE McLEAN WIFE OF Revd. JOHN WILSON D.D. died at Crieff 30th Jun. 1901 aged 78". Tall grey granite obelisk on triple plinth - excellent condition.

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