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St Serf's church Dunning. Grave Stones 238 to 356

(with minor corrections March 2012)

D238 "C S - In memory of CATHERINE SHEPHERD who died 22nd Jan. 1877 aged 35 years - Asleep in Jesus - And her brother WILLIAM SHEPHERD M.D. who died 27th Jul. 1881 aged 42 - Thy brother shall rise again". Medium sized white stone now badly affected with lichen - fair condition.

D239 "In loving memory of JOHN ELDER HUME, Farmer, Rossie, who died 15th Oct. 1898 aged 44 years. Also his daughter ELIZABETH McLAREN who died at Monifieth 20th Aug. 1898 aged 7 months. Also his younger son JOHN who died 30th Dec. 1935 aged 40 years and his wife MARY MARTIN who died at Edinburgh 25th Jul. 1953 aged 83 years - Father I will that they also whom thou hast given me be with me where I am that they may behold my Glory" Large polished granite stone with double plinth and pediment - good condition.

D240 "In memory of GRACE MARSHALL wife of JOHN GIBSON died 11th May 1934 aged 69". Small white marble scroll - very dirty.

D241 "CROW - Erected in memory of JOHN ALLAN CROW who died 9th Sep. 1933 aged 59 years. Also of his wife VIOLET McDONALD who died -- Nov. 1958 aged 85 years". Large sandstone stone with curved head - broken across middle - top part partly buried - poor condition.

D242 "In loving memory of THOMAS HENRY STORER who died 27th Aug. 1920 aged 33 years". Small marble scroll shaped stone - good condition

D243 "Erected by WALTER BOAG, farmer, Millhaugh in memory of his wife MARGARET IRELAND born 21st Oct. 1834 died 12th Jan. 1877 and of their children ALEXANDER IRELAND born 10th Oct. 1863 died 29th Aug. 1864, WALTER born 23rd Nov. 1864 died 21st Jul. 1865, GRACE ROBERTSON born 16th Jun. 1866 died 29th Jan. 1883. The above WALTER BOAG died 16th May 1906 aged 76 years. WALTER BOAG grandson of the above who fell in action in the Great War near Ypres 26th Sep. 1917 aged 22 years. ISABELLA FORFAR MILL wife of JAMES BOAG died 22nd Sep. 1935 aged 71 years. The above JAMES BOAG died 16th Oct. 1943 aged 81 years - the dead shall be raised uncorruptible - 1 Cor.XV52.". Large upright stone - good condition.

D244 "In loving memory of PETER ROBERTSON who died at Baadhead 31st Dec. 1904 aged 75 years. Also his daughters CHRISTINA who died 19th Jul. 1881 aged 10 years, SARAH who died 27th Oct. 1894 aged 12 years. Also a son and daughter who died in infancy and his wife SARAH McINTYRE died 26th Aug. 1910 aged 57 years". Large upright stone - good condition.

D245 "R - In loving memory of my dear husband ALEXANDER ROBERTSON who died 9th Feb. 1928 aged 53 years. Also his wife JESSIE ELLIOT who died 3rd Nov. 1944. Medium sized polished granite stone - good condition.

D246 "Erected by JAMES DOUGALL, Slater, in memory of ANN JOHNMAN his wife who died 9th Jan. 1890 aged 37 years. And of his daughter CHRISTINA who died 9th Jan. 1890 aged 14 years. Also his grand-daughter ELIZABETH. Also the above JAMES DOUGALL who died 10th Mar. 1932 aged 83 years". Tall cement faced cross with double plinth - cement crazing badly - lower part exposed.

D247 "In loving memory of MARY FERGUSON died 17th Dec. 1963 aged 88 beloved wife of AENEAS DOUGALL died 7th Mar. 1970 aged 92. Also their sons ROBERT AENEAS died in India 25th Jan. 1948 aged 38, JAMES who died 23rd Dec. 1963 aged 62". Medium sized polished pink granite stone with plinth - good condition.

D248 "Erected in memory of WILLIAM FRASER late of Greenhill who died at Dunning 25th Oct. 1894 aged 55 years. And of MARY BALMAIN FRASER daughter of the above who died at Perth 6th May 1910 aged 35 years". Tall ornamental sandstone stone with pointed top on plinth - fairly good condition.

D249 "Sacred to the memory of JAMES F. CUSINE, F.E.I.S. headmaster, Dunning died 24th Oct. 1898 aged 54 and his wife RACHEL BREMNER died 16th Apr. 1895 aged 50. Their family JOHN died 1st Jan. 1895 aged 21, STANLEY died 30th Apr. 1895 aged 18, RACHEL died 29th Mar. 1895 aged 17, KATE NUTTALL died 21st Feb. 1946, JAMES died 1st Mar. 1945, VICTOR CUSINE died 6th Oct. 1954, HELEN M. CUSINE died 12th Oct. 1967". Snall granite stone with rounded top and polished face - good condition.

D250 "In memory of JANET CROCKART wife of JOHN SWORD, Tailor, Dunning who died 25th Jul. 1894 aged 71 years. And of JOHN SWORD who died 31st May 1895 aged 64 years". Very large pink granite stone on double plinth - excellent condition.

D251 "In loving memory of WILLIAM DOUGALL, farmer, Quilts, who died 27th Jul. 1898 aged 53 years and his son-in-law JAMES GRAY who died 25th Aug. 1906 aged 40 years and of his daughter JESSIE wife of the above JAMES GRAY who died 28th Sep. 1907 aged 39 years. JANE YOUNG wife of the above WILLIAM DOUGALL who died 14th Aug. 1927 in her 81st year". Light coloured sandstone stone with pointged top on double plinth - fairly good condition.

D252 "Erected by CATHERINE McLAREN in loving memory of her husband THOMAS DUFF who died 10th Jul. 1900 aged 60 years. The above CATHERINE McLAREN died 10th Sep. 1914 aged 70 years. Her brother ANDREW died 7th Jan. 1907 aged 59 years. Also their son-in-law ANDREW DUNCAN SCOTT who died 20th Jul. 1923 in his 45th year". Tall stone with domed top and marble decorated inset above inscription - good condition.

D253 "Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM SCOTT beloved husband of JESSIE SCOTT died at Thorntree Inn 3rd Jan. 1924 aged 44 years". Medium size polished granite stone with domed top and decorated inset - good condition.

D254 "In loving memory of ANDREW DOUGALL, Builder, who died 30th Dec. 1947 aged 68 years and his wife MARGARET McEWAN HURRY who died 27th Nov. 1946 aged 65 years. Also their eldest son JAMES died 16th Oct. 1914 aged 5 years". Small granite stone - good condition.

D255 "In loving memory of HELEN DEWAR IMRIE dearly beloved wife of ALEXANDER McFEAT (MACPHEAT) who died 20th Oct. 1932 aged 56 and their son ROBERT WILLIAM WILKES age 4. Also our beloved father the above ALEXANDER McFEAT who died 12th Dec. 1952 aged 80 years and their son ALEXANDER who died 13th Oct. 1981 aged 70 years - Thy will be done". Polished red granite stone - good condition.

D256 "In loving memory of JANET GOW wife of WILLIAM McINTOSH, Gateside of Broomhill, Forteviot, who died 14th Nov. 1885 aged 60 years and WILLIAM McINTOSH died 29th Nov. 1894 aged 67 years". Large upright red stone with carved cross over inscription - reasonable condition.

D257 "In memory of MARY JAMIESON wife of JOHN LIVER born 22nd May 1821 died 5th Oct. 1884 - The Winter is past and the time of the singing of birds is come - Songs of Solomon II:11:12". Pointed sandstone stone with remainder of inscription face flaked off - at top a hand grasping scroll with word "Meet me there" - reasonable condition except for flaking.

D258 "---- in memory of JOHN LIVER born 27th Nov. 1880 died 17th Feb. 1884 - Biblical quotation. Small double plinth - column missing.

D259 "Sacred to the memory of the Rev. DUNCAN McLAREN born 26th Feb. 1822 ordained 12th Apr. 1849 for 52 years the faithful and beloved

minister of the Free church, Dunning - The memory of the just is blessed - CAROLINE ELLIS WALKER widow of the above died 22nd Mar. 1915 at Ryde, Isle of Wight aged 78 years - Erected by his Congregation and other friends". Tall pointed polished granite stone - good condition.

D 260 "Erected by JOHN BUTTAR in memory of his son THOMAS who died at Standerton, S. Africa 18th Feb. 1901 aged 25 years and his daughter MAGGIE JANE who died 19th Jan. 1904 aged 11 years and his wife HELEN CUNNINGHAM died 1st Feb. 1919 aged 65 years. The above JOHN BUTTAR died 13th Apr. 1928 aged 77 years. Janet C. WALKER beloved wife of JOHN BUTTAR Jun. died 14th Jan. 1945 aged 74 years. HELEN DUNN daughter of JOHN and HELEN BUTTAR died 19th Mar. 1949 aged 72 years and his son JOHN BUTTAR Jun. 5th Sep. 1954 aged 72 years". Tall polished granite stone on plinth.

D 261 "Erected by their daughters in loving memory of their dear father and mother WILLIAM BUCHANAN who died 25th Mar. 1898 aged 83 years, JESSIE McDONALD who died 4th Dec. 1898 aged 83 years. Also their grandfather JAMES McDONALD who died 3rd Nov. 1883 aged 91 years". Sandstone stone with pointed top - carved with a hand - on plinth.

E 262 Left Page - "In loving memory of WALTER LAUDER CROWE who was accidentally killed 5th Mar. 1954 aged 70 years". Right Page - "Placed by the Villagers of Dunning". Marble open book stone - cracked.

E 263 "In loving memory of my dear husband ROBERT M. CUNNINGHAM who died 5th Oct. 1911 in his 81st year. Also his wife JEAN BURGESS who died 5th Oct. 1877 aged 40 years and their family JOHN who died 26th Dec. 1896 aged 30 years, WILLIAM who died 19th Jan. 1902 aged 43 years. Also his wife ISABELLA DOUGLAS who died 6th Feb. 1916". On plinth - "Gone but not forgotten". Polished granite stone with ornamental design around lettering - good condition.

E 264 On top - Badge of Australian Imperial Forces. "1300 Lance Cpl. W. L. CROWE 5th Bn. Australian Inf. 6th Jul. 1918 Age 24 - His shall be the crown of life Thy ways O Lord are wonderful". Polished granite stone - good condition.

E 265 "Erected by JOHN RATTRAY, Farmer, Broom, and MARY GUILD his wife in memory of their son JOHN who died 21st Jan. 1867 aged 1 year 10 months. The above JOHN RATTRAY died at Drumtogle 8th Feb. 1893 and MARY GUILD his wife who died at Parkconon 2nd Sep. 1921 aged 78 years". Large upright stone - good condition.

E 266 "In loving memory of DAVID HEPBURN who died 8th Jun. 1914 aged 85 years and his wife ISABELLA DAVIDSON who died 1st Jun. 1907 aged 71 years. Also their family PETER who died 17th Oct. 1884 aged 19 years, ROBERT Pte. H.L.I. who fell in France Dec., 1917, aged 35 years, WILLIAM who died 24th Jun. 1928 aged 65 years, ISABELLA who died 12th Jan. 1937 aged 63 years". Large polished granite stone with ivy leaf carving on top - good condition.

E 267 Small upright stone - unreadable.

E 268 "In loving memory of CATHERINE WEDDERSPOON wife of JOHN BROWN who died at South Lodge, Duncrub, 28th Dec. 1908 aged 69 years. The above JOHN BROWN who died 20th Feb. 1929 aged 87 years". Tall polished granite stone with double plinth. Profiled head with decoration - good condition.

E 269 "In loving memory of WILLIAM DOUGALL who died 10th Jul. 1900 aged 75 years and his wife ELIZABETH SCOBIE who died 10th Jun. 1923 aged 93 years". Medium sized sandstone stone on plinth - fair condition.

E 270 "1813 - Erected by DAVID DOUGALL, Farmer in Mid Kippen". Small sandstone stone with curved top - wearing on front.

E 271 "1877 - Erected by MARY GRIMMOND in memory of her husband ROBERT SPEEDIE, Feuar, New Town of Pitcairns who died 3rd Oct. 1876 aged 68". Medium upright stone - beginning to flake.

E 272 "D.R." (Probably Robertson) On back - Wright's Trade Sign - "Square and Axe". Small worn stone.

E 273 "IHS - Erected by WILLIAM SWORD, Merchant, Dunning, and CATHERINE REID his wife im memory of their eldest son PETER born 23rd Sep. 1866 died 27th May 1873. CATHERINE who died in infancy. The above CATHERINE REID died 4th Jul. 1899 aged 64 years. The above WILLIAM SWORD died 5th Sep. 1906 aged 73 years. Their daughter JESSIE died 26th Feb. 1938 aged 68 years. Their son PETER died 20th Jan. 1950 aged 76 years. Their daughter MAGGIE died 17th Apr. 1953 aged 77 years". On plinth - "MARY FRASER SWORD died 28th Dec. 1957. ANNIE SWORD died 10th May 1960". Large upright stone with ornate top - good condition.

E 274 "In loving memory of ANN DUNCAN beloved wife of JAMES SCOTT who died 2nd June 1912 aged 62 years. Also their son JOHN who died 10th Dec. 1877 aged 9 months. The above JAMES SCOTT died 5th Dec. 1915 in his 65th year and their son JAMES who died 16th Sep. 1928 aged 47 years". On plinth - "He giveth his beloved sleep". Tall black granite stone with cross and decorations above and around lettering - plinth - good condition.

E 275 "In memory of MARGARET P. HOGG who died at Woodside, Dunning, 1st June 1945 aged 82 years beloved wife of DR. D. G. DONALDSON who died 29th Jan. 1949 aged 87 years and of their daughter MARGARET who died 7th Apr. 1960 aged 63 years". Large polished granite stone on plinth - good condition.

E 276 "In loving memory of JANE GOVEN HUNTER died 4th Jan. 1920 aged 74 wife of REV. THOMAS WATT, Townhead Church, who died 6th Mar. 1934 age 83. MARGARET STEVENSON DONALDSON wife of DR. A. BROWN WATT died 12th Feb. 1921 age 37 and their children JANE RITCHIE died 2nd May 1918 aged 1 year 10 months, THOMAS DONALDSON died 8th Mar. 1921 aged 2 years 4 months, MARGARET HUNTER BROWN died 1st Sep. 1931 aged 21 years, MARIA BROWN DONALDSON wife of DR. A. BROWN WATT died 20th Jul. 1950 aged 65 years". On plinth - "And the above DR. ALEXANDER BROWN WATT died 12th Sep. 1957 aged 78 years - Asleep in Jesus". Tall polished granite stone with scalloped top on double plinth - good condition.

E 277 "MAUD CHETWYND-STAPYLTON adored wife of FREDERICK CHETWYND- STAPYLTON and dearly loved grandmother of ERIC, NORMAN, DAVID and JEAN ROLLO died 30th Aug. 1948 aged 78 years - I am the resurrection and the life, saith the Lord and whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die". Stone cross surrounded by oblong shaped stone slabs.

E 278 "In loving memory of JAMES HEPBURN died 7th May 1936 aged 80 years and his wife ISABELLA LAMB died 1st May 1925 aged 69 years. Their daughter JENNY GARDNER died 2nd Dec. 1907 aged 15 years. Also their granddaughter ISABELLA LAMB died 2nd May 1924 aged 7 months. Their eldest son DAVID died 1st Feb. 1963 aged 80 years. Also CATHERINE wife of the above DAVID died 28th Apr. 1971 aged 88 years - At home with the Lord". Upright decorated polished granite stone - fading slightly - good condition.

E 279 "1831 - Erected by DAVID GARDNER, Feuar, Dunning, and ISABELLA BOUG his wife in memory of their daughter ANN who died 15th Jan. 1829 aged 18 years. Also their daughter MARY who died in infancy. Also the above DAVID GARDNER who died 24th Feb. 1861 aged 86 and his wife ISABELLA BOUG who died 16th Feb. 1868 aged 86. Also their grandson JOHN MacLEISH who died 27th Dec. 1867 aged 20". On back - "JANET GARDNER who died 4th Apr. 1888 aged 81 years. ISABELLA GARDNER who died 23rd Mar. 1895 aged 81 years - Asleep in Jesus". Medium sized upright stone - beginning to flake.

E 280 "1855 - Erected by JAMES ANDERSON in memory of his wife HELEN GUILD who died 19th Apr. 1820 aged 24 years. Also his son ALEXANDER who died in the Royal Infirmary, Edinburgh, 17th Feb. 1855 aged 25 years". Medium sized sandstone stone split vertically into 7 slices - poor condition.

E 281 "Erected by ISABELLA HENDERSON in loving memory of her husband JAMES ANDERSON who died 4th Nov. 1904 aged 35 years - Asleep in Jesus". Medium sized solid sandstone stone with rounded top - good condition but flaking at back.

E 282 "Erected by ELIZABETH WHITE in memory of her husband MR. GEORGE WHITE, Railway Inspector, who departed this life in Dunning on 26th Feb. 1847 in the 52nd year of his age - Hail passenger pray look on here and for a stranger drop a tear who was cut off by death's strong hand and buryied here in a strange land". Medium sized sandstone stone with rounded top - reasonable condition.

E 283 "Erected in memory of JAMES MORRIS, MARGARFET OLIPHANT also BETTY MORRIS wife of HENRY LAWSON died 17th Feb. 1863 aged 57. Also HENRY LAWSON died 1st Dec. 1874 aged 73. DAVID G. LAWSON died 17th June 1884 aged 20. Also JANE GARDINER wife of HENRY LAWSON died 28th Dec. 1892 aged 67. Also HENRY LAWSON died 14th June 1913 aged 80 and his daughterf ISABELL LAWSON died 26th July 1933 aged 79 years". Medium sized decorated stone with round canopy top - reasonable condition - leaning slightly.

E 284 "In loving memory of ANDREW JOHNMAN WALLACE who died 8th Nov. 1933. Also his sister JANET HODGE who died 22.11.1938 and his brother JAMES GAW who died 7th Mar. 1941". Granite stone decorated with shield and leaves and with rounded top - good condition.

E 285 "1838 - Erected by DAVID CUMMINGHAM in memory of JEAN McINTYRE his wife who died 3rd Sep. aged 38 years". Small stone - good condition but tilting slightly.

E 286 "In loving memory of our dear mother MARY ANN LAING who died 31st Oct. 1929 aged 85 years and of her daughter ELIZABETH who died 4th Nov. 1936 aged 53 years". Medium polished granite stone on plinth with angled top - good condition.

E 287 "Erected in memory of JOHN FERRIER, Broom, who died 22nd Dec. 1844 aged 66 years. Also his wife BETSY ANDERSON who died 16th Sep. 1854 aged 77 years". Small sandstone stone with curved top - fair condition.

E 288 "Erected by MARY McFARLANE in loving memory of her husband JAMES CUNNINGHAM who died 29th July 1927 aged 64 years and their daughter HELEN died 8th Aug. 1902 aged 2 years. His father JOHN CUNNINGHAM died 21st Dec. 1863 aged 38 years and his mother HELEN DUNN died 1st Mar. 1895 aged 73 years. And the above MARY McFARLANE who died 24th Feb. 1938 aged 71 years". Large sandstone stone on plinth with carved curved top - reasonable condition.

E 289 "1861 - Sacred to the memory of DAVID TAYLOR who died June 1857 aged 71 years". Small rectangular sandstone slab - plain and partially buried.

E 290 "In loving memory of ROBERT GOW who died 23rd Aug. 1831 aged 69 years and ELIZAGBETH BELL his wife who died 23rd Aug. 1843 aged 79 years. Their daughter ELIZABETH died 23rd Aug. 1835 aged 35 years". Small rectangular polished granite slab on plinth - good condition.

E 291 "In loving memory of DAVID CHRISTIE died at Easter Balgour 8th May 1933 aged 67 years. ANNIE C. ROBERTSON died 7th Aug. 1942 aged 71 years and their son DAVID A. CHRISTIE died 30th Dec. 1986 aged 78 years". Polished granite rectangular slab on plinth - good condition.

E 292 "Sacred to the memory of ADAM SMAIL who died at Linhill 4th July 1847 aged 68 years and his wife AGNES COWANS who died at Perth 23rd Jan. 1851 aged 72 years". Square upright stone with cap and plinth - reasonable condition.

E 293 "March 1834". Small stone with pointed top badly eroded - inscription unreadable.

E 294 "1814 - Erected by ROBERT MONTEITH, Smith, Parish of Gask in memory of his mother JEAN TAYLOR who died May 1800 aged 61. Also PETER his brother who died Nov. 1799 aged 34 years". On back - "By hammer in hand all arts do stand". Crown and hand holding hammer. Medium sized sandstone stone with curved top - reasonable condition.

E 295 "JAMES WILSON died 2.7.1949 aged 77 years". White granite scroll.

E 296 "Erected by JOHN ISDALE, Farmer in Kinmounth in memory of his father JOHN ISDALE who died 5th May 1814 aged 63? years". Medium sized upright stone - flaking.

E 297 "In loving memory of our mother ISABELLA McEWAN who died 24th Apr. 1928 aged 80 years". White marble scroll.

E 298 "Erected by DAVID MOIR, gardener, Duncrub, in memory of SUSAN FORREST his wife who died May 1854 aged 30 years". Small sandstone stone - badly flaking.

E 299 In memory of WILLIAM DARVILLE the faithful servant of J. M. MACLEOD, Esq., of St Kilda, died 12th Sep. 1853 aged 26". Medium sized sandstone stone - badly flaked. E 300 "Sacred to the memory of JESSIE STEWART wife of JAMES BRUCE, gardener, Duncrub, who died 27th Dec. 1843 aged 40 years". Large sandstone stone with curved top - flaking slightly - deep incision.

E 301 "In memory of WILLIAM 9th LORD ROLLO born 28th May 1809 died 8th Oct. 1852. In memory of ELIZABETH wife of the HON. WILLIAM ROLLO (afterwards 9th LORD ROLLO born 30th Dec. 1812 died 10th June 1836". Large flat polished pink marbled granite vault stone - good condition.

E 302 "1817 - Erected by JAMES CALLAM and ELISA BALMAIN his spouse to the memory of ELISE CALLAM there daughter". Thin low stone flaking on front.

E 303 "H.S.W." Small flat stone lying behind E301.

E 304 "1847 - The HON. RODGER ROLLO". Small round topped thin stone - fair condition.

E 305 "1868 H.S.W.". Small rounded top thin stone leaning against E306.

E 306 "Sacred to the memory of COLONEL H. W. WATKIN who died at Kippen on 22nd Jan. 1868 aged 63".

E 307 "Erected by his father and mother in loving memory of JAMES MARSHALL DUNCAN who died 2nd May 1914 aged 34 years and their grand-daughter JEANNIE DUNCAN WALLACE who died 28th Dec. 1904. JANE DUNCAN wife of HENRY DUNCAN who died 3rd Dec. 1915 aged 72 years and their youngest son WILLIAM lst Scots Guards husband of MARY BROADFOOT who died from wounds in France 13th Dec. 1916 aged 32 years. The above HENRY DUNCAN died 22nd May 1922 aged 79 years. ADA SOPHIA FOUND wife of their son ALEXANDER DUNCAN who died 17th May 1928 aged 50 years". On plinth - "Till the day dawn and the shadows flee away". Tall granite stone with scalloped decorated top - good condition.

E 308 "1808 - To the memory of ALEXANDER PERSON, mason in Dunning who died 6th Oct. 1808 aged 41 years. AGNES his daughter who died 3rd Jan. 1894 aged 86 years". Small stone with arched top - reasonable condition but partly buried.

E 309 "Sacred to the memory of CHARLES YOUNG who died 16th July 1843 aged 36 years". Medium sized stone with arched decorated top - stone tilting and resting on church wall.

E 310 "Sacred to the memory of JAMES WESTWOOD, Rossie Bank, died 3rd Apr. 1866 aged 49 years and of his wife JESSIE MORRIS died 26th July 1900 aged 72 years. Also their children AGNES died 11th Jan. 1859 aged 4 years; ELIZABETH died 16th Jan. 1859 aged 5 years; JAMES died 22nd Feb. 1859 aged 2 years; WILLIAM died 4th Feb. 1942 aged 84 years and of his wife MAGGIE LAURIE BOAG died 19th Nov. 1937 aged 77 years and their children JESSIE MORRIS died 25th Dec. 1892 aged 1 years; WILLIAM died 1st Nov. 1907 aged 22 years. AGNES WESTWOOD died 24th Nov. 1956 aged 61 years". Large upright stone with pointed top, side columns, white inset and plinth - fair condition.

E 311 "C - In loving memory of our father WILLIAM CONNELL who died 16th Feb. 1930 aged 89 years. Also our dear mother MARY BALLINGALL who died 3rd Dec. 1919 aged 77 years". Medium sized black granite stone - good condition.

E 312 "In memory of LAWRENCE DEWAR beloved son of ROBERT and JESSIE DONALDSON died 25th June 1941 aged 4 years". Small flat stone.

E 313 Unreadable. Small pointed stone with winged cherub - poor condition.

E 314 Unreadable. Very small stone - poor condition.

E 315 "In loving memory of WILLIAM OSWALD died 14th Apr. 1923 aged 58 years and his wife MARY ANN NICOL died 13th Mar. 1927 aged 51 years. Also their daughter ELIZABETH OSWALD died 21st Mar. 1927 aged 30 years beloved wife of ALEXANDER B. SCOTT". Medium sized polished granite stone on plinth.

E 316 "To the memory of ELISABETH DYKES spouse of ROBERT TELFER who died in Dunning 9th Feb. 1819 aged 61 years. This monument was erected by her affectionate sons JAMES and ROBERT TELFER 1832. ROBERT TELFER died at Oldburgh Jamaima 21st Oct. 1835 aged 39 years. JAMES TELFER died 4th May 1855 aged 73 years and is interred here and his wife CATHRINE GUILD who died 9th Mar. 1871 aged 76". Very large flat stone - reasonable condition - stone legs lying underneath.

E 317 "1822 - Erected by CATHRINE DAVIDSON, West End in memory of her husband JOHN SOMMERVILLE who died 1st Aug. 1821". Medium sized stone with scalloped top - fair condition.

E 318 "1893 - Erected by ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, coal merchant Perth in memory of his father ALEXANDER CAMPBELL, station carrier, Dunning, died 2nd Dec. 1860 aged 75 years. Also his mother HELEN BOGUE CAMPBELL died 6th June 1891 aged 103 years. Also his sisters MARGARET CAMPBELL who died 26th Mar. 1904 aged 78 years and JANE CAMPBELL died 26th Dec. 1916 aged 88 years". Tall stone with pointed top on plinth - good condition.

E 319 "Erected by JAMES EWAN, Innkeeper, Dalreoch, in memory of his wife ELIZABETH DOUGALL who died 27th Dec. 1832 aged 52 years. Also his sons WILLIAM died 26th Dec. 1822 aged 6 years and GEORGE died Dec. 1822 aged 4 years. The above JAMES EWAN died 7th May 1834 aged 57 years". On back - "1834". Medium/large stone with ornamental top - flaking.

E 320 "Erected by DAVID GRAHAM, Penicuik, in memoruy of his father DAVID GRAHAM who died 5th Jan. 1895 aged 82 years. Also his mother ANN THOMSON GRAHAM who died 15th June 1884 aged 60 years. Also his brother JOHN DOUGLAS GRAHAM who was drowned in India while on duty 15th Oct. 1894 aged 32 years". Medium/large stone with pointed top on plinth - reasonable condition.

E 321 "Erected by ANN DOW in loving memory of her husband JOHN CALLUM who died at Rockhouse, Bridgend, Perth, 12th Sep. 1902 in the 50th year of his age. The above ANN DOW died 8th Apr. 1925". On plinyth - "Peace perfect peace". Medium/large stone with pointed top and clear lettering - good condition.

F 322 "1828 - Erected by JOHN GUILD of Dunning in memory of his mother CATHERINE GREIG who died May 1827, aged 72 years". Small sandstone stone with double arched top - flaking on back - condition fair.

F 323 "Erected by WILLIAM MAILER, Granco, in memory of his wife ANN DICKSON who died Oct. 1901 aged 64 years. Also of their children ANN died Nov. 1860 aged 6 months, JAMES died Nov. 1875 aged 10 years. The above WILLIAM MAILER died 13th Dec. 1916 aged 86 years. He was Session Clerk for 40 years - Faithful unto death". Tall sandstone stone with floral decorated moulded top and double plinth - reasonable condition but unsteady.

F 324 "In loving memory of ROBERT MAILER of Findony born 16th Jan. 1880 died 21st May 1946 and his wife ELIZABETH COMBE DRUMMOND born 21st July 1890 died 30th Jan. 1936". Tall polished granite stone on plinth - good condition but enamel coming off lettering.

F 325 "1815 - Erected in memory of ROBERT MAILER late tennant in Milis of Findoney who died 6th June 1837 aged 64 years. Also his spouse HELEN HENDERSON who died 2nd Dec. 1847 aged 80 years and JOHN their son who died 3rd Apr. 1846 aged 38 years and JAMES their son who died 28th June 1864 aged 66 years and WILLIAM who died 20th Jan. 1864 aged 62 years. ELISABETH CUNNINGHAM wife of the above JAMES MAILER died 9th July 1879 aged 84 years". This stone claims six breadths.

F 326 "In memory of ANDREW MAILER beloved husband of ANN TAYLOR who died 13th July 1909 aged 73 and of their children JAMES who died 1st June 1878 aged 2 years, JESSIE who died 12th Jan. 1898 aged 22 years. The above ANN TAYLOR who died 8th Jan. 1932 aged 86 years. ANDREW died in S. Africa 25th May 1907 aged 39 years. LILLIAS who died 1st Nov. 1944 aged 74 years". Polished granite stone.

F 327 "In loving memory of HELEN CHEYNE wife of DAVID HURRY who died 19th Oct. 1925 and their son CHARLES who died 23rd Feb. 1914". Polished granite stone.

F 328 "In loving memory of REYNOLD McDONALD MALCOLM died 13th Jan. 1933 and his beloved wife HELEN died 31st May 1974 - Abide with Me". Small stone with white marble facing - good condition.

F 329 "In loving memory of TULLOCH CHEYNE who died 15th Oct. 1931 aged 70 years". Polished black granite stone on plinth with gold incised letters - good condition.

F 330 "Erected by PETER DUNN and MARY CRAWFORD his wife in memory of their children, HELEN who died 17th Mar. 1869 aged 21 years, PETER who died 14th Apr. 1879 aged 23 years and of other three who died in infancy. Also the above PETER DUNN who died 8th June 1885 aged 66 years and of the above MARY CRAWFORD who died 26th May 1888 aged 63 years. Their son ROBERT died 13th Apr. 1899 aged 46 years. Their daughter CATHERINE died 19th Sep. 1909 aged 63 years". On reverse - "Also their son ALEX who died at Indiana, America, on 19th Feb. 1911 aged 51 years". Tall ornamental stone with pointed top and vertical vine decoration - reasonable condition.

F 331 "In memory of CHRISTINA daughter of ROBERT McGREGOR, Boat-mill, Forgandenny, died 2nd Jan. 1926 aged 90 years and MARY her sister died 1st Oct. 1935 aged 89 years". Small granite stone - fallen on back.

F 332 "Erected by JOHN HARLEY in memory of his son ALEXANDER who died at Coul Cottage Aug. 1874 aged 26 years. Above JOHN HARLEY died at Auchterarder 13th---". Medium/Large stone - flaking.

F 333 "Erected by ANDREW KELTIE in memory of his wife MARGARET KIRK who died 11th Mar. 1863 aged 80 years. The above ANDREW KELTIE who died 6th Apr. 1872 aged 90 years".

F 334 "Erected by ELIZABETH LOW in memory of her husband ROBERT STEWART who died 22nd Sep. 1881 aged 70 years. The above ELIZABETH LOW died 12th Feb. 1890 aged 89 years. ISABELLA MAILER wife of CHARLES STEWART died 7th Aug. 1909 aged 67. CHARLES STEWART died 9th Sep. 1915 aged 73". Large stone - fairly good condition.

F 335 Very small stone.

F 336 "In loving memory of ANN RITCHIE wife of JOHN ARMSTRONG died 21st Dec. 1930 aged 86 years and the above JOHN ARMSTRONG who died 3rd Dec. 1943 aged 94 years. Also their daughnter MARGARET who died 13th Oct. 1952 aged 71 years". Large grey granite stone - very good condition.

F 337 "Sacred to the memory of WILLIAM DAVIDSON, farmer, Knowes, who died 24th June 1859 aged 40. JANET MITCHELL his wife died 17th Mar. 1863 aged 42 and of their children JOHN who died 25th Mar. 1876 aged 25 and two died in infancy". Medium/Large stone with pointed ornamental top - fair condition.

F 338 "C - In loving memory of JAMES CROW died 11th July 1896 aged 79 years. Also his wife MARGARET CUNNINGHAM died 27th Jan. 1899 aged 84 years and their daughter MARY CROW died 27th Nov. 1923 aged 83 years". Medium/large stone - reasonable condition.

F 339 "Erected by JAMES CROW, feuar, Dunning, in memory of his father JAMES CROW who died 16th May 1834 aged 50 years and his son WILLIAM who died 7th Mar. 1855 aged 6 years. Also JANET CROW who died 4th Feb. 1874 aged 29 years and his mother JANET MARTIN who died 28th Feb. 1874 aged 87 years". Small stone - reasonable conditiomn.

F 340 "In loving memory of our dear father JAMES LAW who died 24th Feb. 1907 aged 69 years and our dear mother CHRISTINA LAING who died 14th Mar. 1933 aged 82 years. CHRISTINA daughter of the above who died 22nd Apr. 1938. Also their daughter MAGGIE who died 27th Feb. 1949 - Life for evermore". Polished granite stone.

F 341 "Erected by the family of JOHN LAW in memory of their grandfather JOHN LAW who died 25th Jan. 1840 aged 76 years. And of their father JOHN LAW who died 13th Mar. 1886 aged 82 years. Their mother MARGARET SMITH died 11th Feb. 1883 aged 73 years. Their uncle WILLIAM LAW died 24th Dec. 1862 aged 53 years. Also in memory of their sisters MARJORY who died in infancy and ISABELLA who died 7th Mar. 1885 aged 48 years. Also WILLIAM LAW who died at Pitlour 10th Nov. 1893 aged 55 years. Also JAMES LAW died 24th Feb. 1907 aged 69 years. And JOHN LAW died 11th Feb. 1930 aged 81 years. RACHEL ANDERSON widow of WILLIAM LAW died 17th March, 1930 aged 87 years. Also MARGARET LAW who died at Burnbank Cottage 22nd Jan. 1937 aged 70 years - Peace Perfect Peace". Tall ornamental sandstone stone scrolled and carved on double plinth - good condition for age.

F 342 Left page - "In memory of DAVID P. WILSON died 23rd June 1957 in his 86th year." Right page - "And his wife AGNES SCOTT MACFARLANE died 13th May 1973 in her 97th year". Small marble stone in shape of open Bible.

F 343 "CHARLES ALEXANDER beloved and only son of ALEXANDER G. and EMILY WILSON of Rochdale who died 10th May 1914 aged 16 years - Charlie - tender brave and true". Marble cross over plinths with marble surround to plot.

F 344 "Erected by ALEXANDER MACDONALD, Duncrub, in memory of his sons JAMES born 2nd May 1857 died 11th Aug. 1858, ALEXANDER born 8th Jul. 1853 died 2nd Apr. 1873. Also his daughnter MARGARET born 8th Oct. 1851 died 29th Aug. 1884. His son ROBERT MARTIN born 17th Feb. 1855 died 2nd Nov. 1888. Also his wife MARGARET MARTIN born 16th Sep. 1825 died 7th June 1889".

F 345 "Erected by ROBERT MARTIN, feuar, Dunning, in memory of his daughter JEANNE who died 23rd July 1832 aged -- months and his son WILLIAM who died 16th Nov. 1834 aged 16 months. ROBERT MARTIN, merchant, Dunning, the erector of this stone died 13th Sep. 1851 aged 57 years and BARBARA MILN his spouse who died 16th Sep. 1851 aged 5- years".

F 346 "In memory of GEORGE FERGUSON born 22nd Sep. 1823 died 8th Mar. 1911. This stone is erected by members of the Rollo Family as a mark of their appreciation of his long and faithful services of 69 years at Duncrub - 1842-1911". Large polished granite stone - good condition.

F 347 "Erected by GEORGE FERGUSON in memory of his wife MARYANN EADIE who died 29th Jan. 1893 aged 74 years. The above GEORGE FERGUSON died 8th Mar. 1911 aged 88 years". Small stone - good condition.

F 348 "In memory of CATHERINE R. KELMAN died 3rd Feb. 1927 aged 28 years".

F 349 "Erected in loving memory of JAMES EWAN died 2nd Jan. 1931 aged 60 and his wife SARAH COUPER died 8.6.1962 aged 77". Small white marble stone.

F 350 "Erected by his widow and family in loving memory of HENRY McCATHIE who died 9th Apr. 1896 aged 57 years. Also his daughter JEANNIE who died 14th Apr. 1896 aged 15 years. Also his son ALEXANDER who died 9th June 1886 aged 21 years. Also HENRY McCathie PATERSON grandson of the above died 1st Oct. 1902 aged 5 years 9 months. Also MARY DEUCHARS wife of the above died 16th Oct. 1906 aged 69 years. Also ALEXANDER PATERSON son-in-law of the above who died 30th May 1938 aged 78 years - Thy will be done". Large ornamental sandstone stone with curved head and double plinth - good condition.

F 351 "Erected by JAMES McCATHIE and his wife MARY ANGUS in loving memory of their daughter MARY DEUCHARS who died 21st Feb. 1921 aged 9 years. Also the above MARY ANGUS who died 7th Jan. 1929 aged 56 years and the above JAMES McCARTHIE who died 13th July 1936 aged 67 years - Till the Pearly Gates Unfold". Large black polished granite stone with floral decoration, double plinth and gold lettering - excellent condition.

F 352 "I.H.S. - Erected by MARGARET and ANNIE FULTON in memory of their sisters LOUISA who died Jan. 1849 aged 4 years and JANET who died 27th July 1853 aged 16 years. Also of their father ROBERT FULTON who died 25th May 1882 aged 78 years. Also their mother JANE CAMPBELL who died 24th Jan. 1893 aged 87 years. The above ANN FULTON died 19th July 1887 aged 34 years - Therefore be ye also ready for in such an hour as ye think not, the Son of Man cometh". Large stone - good condition.

F 353 "Erected by JOHN LAWSON in memory of his wife MARGARET FULTON who died 9th Jan. 1879 aged (62 or 82) years. Small stone - off plinth - poor condition.

F 354 "Erected by ANDREW BAYNE, feuar, Knows, in memory of his father JAMES BAYNE who died 4th Feb. 1825, in the 70th year of his age".

F 355 "Sacred to the memory of JOHN ANDERSON, Esq., Craig Cottage, Knowhead, who died 18th Aug. 1867 aged 83 years. Also his wife CHRISTIAN TOD who died 3rd Dec. 1881 aged 81 years and their daughter ANN who died 22nd Feb. 1927 aged 88". Large stone with pointed top - fair condition.

F 356 Very small stone - unreadable.

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