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These magazines are all reproduced as published. Things like contributors names and contact details have not been updated and are likely to have changed since.

They are provided purely for historical research purposes and must not be used for anything else. However, we cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies they may contain.

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 October 2002 Newsletter 41 (The first Dunningite)
Page 3Has the Cross Cut Dunning Out? What tie now with St. Serf's and kirkyard?
Page 6Picture this! Test Your Local Knowledge
Page 7A Sheffielder Remembers Dunning. Memories from the 80's by Michael Dixon.
Page 10Ready? The Facts about Berrybugs.
Page 14 The Merrymakers Fifty Years On. (Mary Arthur and Ina Lawson).
Page 20Romans and Countrymen: Happenings
Page 21Poem About My Native Village by Betty Robertson
Page 22Funny Money: Ian Buick on euros, the bodle and the bawbee
 January 2003 Newsletter 42
Page 3 Royal Observer Corps. Betty Taylor on her father's experience.
Page 5Calendar Confusion: Why the thorn tree's date seems to be wrong.
Page 6 History Now: Serving the village. Liz and Willie Fletcher's view.
Page 10 Tracing your ancestors. A reminder that not everything is as it first seems.
Page 14 Children's Games in 1930s and 40s. (James Murray and David Wilson)
 Front and back covers, paintings by Dunning's Pam Williams
 April 2003 Newsletter 43
Page 4 The Great Wall of Invermay: The project that bankrupted Sir John Belsches
Page 6 Tales from the Riverbank:Ian Buick's memories of fishing in Dunning Burn.
Page 10 Book Review: Two old collector's items the society has recently acquired
Page 14 The legacy of local witches: Fascination of Maggie Wall and Katie McNiven.
Page 18 Gail Robertson:- History Now - Profile of a local artist
 Front and back covers, paintings by Dunning's Gail Robertson
 July 2003 Newsletter 44 (Summer 2003 Dunningite)
Page 2The View from the Chair
Page 4Farming Past and Present
Page 9The Blackening - David Wilson
Page 12Our Featured Artist: - Albie Sinclair
Page 14How Piped Water came to Dunning - James Murray
Page 19A Poem for Summer - Walter Perrie
Page 20A Peacock`s Tale - Lorne Wallace
Page 24The Polly in Summer 1903 - 2003
 SUMMER 2003 BONUS NEWS BULLETIN (Newsletter 44a)
 The continuing story of Cameron Walker: Ted Dorsett
 October 2003 Newsletter 45 (Autumn 2003 Dunningite)
page 2The Chairman's Review - Raymond Young
page 3Pitfalls of a Foreign Mission - Ted Dorsett
page 9Dunning Mischief - Ian Buick
page 12The Other Dunning - Finella Wilson
page 19The Magnetism of St Serf's - Peter Duncan
page 20'Air' - a poem by Rachel Sneddon
page 21'Neilland' - Lorne Wallace
page 28Autumn in the Den - David Doig
 January 2004 Newsletter 46 (Winter 2003 Dunningite)
Page 2View from the Chair Raymond Young
Page 3The Ordinary, Remarkable Huberts Lorne Wallace
Page 9Tom Stewart: Weaver, Radical, Poet David Wilson
Page 12The Dunnock Woods in Winter Watercolour by Mary Thomson
Page 15'Strathearn'excerpts from a poem Tom Stewart
Page 16Jim Brown's 'Spear' Simon Warren
Page 17A Victorian Carpenter James Murray
Page 20Sheila, The Sunnyside Child Elspeth Pentland
Page 24Stobie's 1793 Map of these airts edited and coloured by J. Murray
 April 2004 Newsletter 47 (Spring 2004 Dunningite)
Page 3Dragon - or Draegen? - D.R Wilson
Page 7A Victorian Joinery Firm - James Murray
Page 10One Man's Story of Dunkirk and After - Ian Buick
Page 11From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - Peter Duncan
 No. 1. James Stewart.
Page 12Our Featured Artist - Patricia Wallace
Page 14Dunning Reminiscences : 1889 Historical Sketch - R.A. Forrest
Page 20The Return Match - Simon Warren
Page 21Yesterday : a poem by Felicity Martin
Page 24Bluebells in the Den : Picture by David Doig
 July 2004 Newsletter 48 (Summer 2004 Dunningite)
Page 3An Historical Sketch of Dunning. Part Two - R A Forrest
Page 9From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - Peter Duncan
 No. 2. George Patterson.
Page 11The Beauty of Dunning's Summer Gardens
Page 14The Huberts also helped Bill - Lorne Wallace
Page 18Dunning's Forgotten Industry - Fuller's Earth - James Murray
Page 21Carriage to Garage. (Our own week long exhibition)
Page 24More of Dunning's Summer Gardens
 July 2004 Newsletter 48a (Limited Issue Special French Language Dunningite.)
Page 2Le Rapport du Président & Village Photo
Page 3Les Huberts aidaient Bill Aussi - Lorne Wallace
Page 7Le Dragon de Dunning
Page 8Photos de la Famille
 October 2004 Newsletter 49 (Autumn 2004 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning and District Nursing Association - Margaret Hay
Page 7Dunning Welfare Association - Betty Taylor
Page 8The Camera never lies - Simon Warren
Page 9The Hubert's visit to Dunning - Ted Dorsett
Page 14Buying Dunning History on the Internet - Simon Warren
Page 17A Plain Man's Guide to the Picts - James Murray
 January 2005 Newsletter 50 (Winter 2004 Dunningite)
Page 3The Glebe camp - Betty Taylor
Page 6Parish of Dunning Census records
Page 7Looking back over 50 editions - Lorne Wallace
Page 14Dunning Folk Lore - Part 1. - Sheila Douglas
Page 18From Dunning to the wide blue yonder - Peter Duncan
 No. 3. William Rutherford.
Page 21A simple(?) word search
 April 2005 Newsletter 51 (Spring 2005 Dunningite)
Page 3From Dunning to the wide blue yonder - Peter Duncan
 No. 4. Andrew Rollo
Page 6The mystery of Little Dunning - Part 1. - Lorne Wallace
Page 10School Visit - Carol Dorsett
Page 14Dunning Folk Lore - Part 2. - Sheila Douglas
Page 20The Den in April - Denizen
Page 21The 2005 AGM
 July 2005 Newsletter 52 (Summer 2005 Dunningite)
Page 3Another Old Relic (another cross in St Serf's) - Alf Marshall
Page 4The Beggar Man (A poem and story) - Jess Smith
Page 7We can prove we were there! (Braemar weekend) - Raymond Young
Page 8Dunning Community Trust (Kincladie Wood) - Elspeth Pentland
Page 14Weaving our Website (www.dunning.uk.net) - Lorne Wallace
Page 17Historic Dunning (our new publication) - Simon Warren
Page 18The mystery of the Little Dunning - part 2. - Lorne Wallace
 October 2005 Newsletter 53 (Autumn 2005 Dunningite)
Page 3From Dunning to the wide blue yonder - Peter Duncan
 No. 5. John Halley.
Page 5Summer's end - a poem. - Taff Jeffrey
Page 6Open All Hours. (early retailing days) - Liz Fletcher
Page 9Crossword - Puffin
Page 10More St Serf's Co-incidents: Robert Chapman 1838 - Peter Duncan
Page 11More History Now - the Dunning Summit
Page 12A Colourful Dunning Summer
Page 14Memories of the Brig (Bridge of Earn Hospital) - Betty Taylor
Page 16The Dunning Butcher in Dunblane (David Bennett) - Simon Warren
Page 18What did you learn at School today? - Editor
 January 2006 Newsletter 54 (Winter 2005/6 Dunningite)
Page 3In and out of Cottar Knowe (story of a Dunning house) - Yvonne Davie
Page 7From Dunning to the wide blue yonder - Simon Warren
 No. 6. John McCurrich.
Page 11Meet the Ancestors - Karen Murray
Page 12That was 2005 that was. (photos) - Simon Warren
Page 15School Report (the latest from Dunning Primary) - Carol Dorsett
 April 2006 Newsletter 55 (Spring 2006 Dunningite)
Page 3Memories of Duncrub - Lorne Wallace
Page 8 Striking Time in St Serf's - Simon Warren, Peter Duncan and the late Kenny Laing
Page 17Genealogy - getting started in Dunning. - Simon Warren
Page 19An Infamous Dunning Boag - Brian Boag
Page 24A different view of St Serf’s (With a mystery!)
 July 2006 Newsletter 56 (Summer 2006 Dunningite)
The Dunning Summit - a series of articles reflecting on the event which took place a year ago!
Page 3A Rattling good idea - Lorne Wallace
Page 9One Farmer's view. (Brian Henderson's article from The Scottish Farmer)
Page 11A Year On - Jean Young on developments since July 2005
Page 14The Dunning Declaration
Page 16Tracing your ancestors - Simon Warren and Mike Barwick
Page 17Scobies in Dunning - Australia member Alan Stevens on what he found.
Page 21How Gordon Brown can help DPHS (Treasurer Mike Graham's suggestion)
 October 2006 Newsletter 57 (Autumn 2006 Dunningite)
Page 3Catching up with the Romans - Lorne Wallace
Page 6Dunning’s Hidden Treasure - Peter Duncan reveals the sculptor
Page 7The Kirkstyle Hotel 40 years ago - Peggy Smith recalls her time at the hotel
Page 10The End of an Era? - R Nicol & Son, changing shopping patterns.
Page 12Postcards of Summer Activities - Simon Warren's summer photographs
Page 14From the Wide Blue Yonder to Dunning - Robert Matthews, by Peter Duncan.
Page 17If you go down to the Wood today - Simon Warren at school in Kincladie Wood
Page 18 Field Volunteers Wanted - Simon Warren seeks help
Page 21 The Birks O Invermay - a poem
 January 2007 Newsletter 58 (Winter 2006/7 Dunningite)
 A Ticket to Ride:
Page 3Dunning and the Railway - Andrew Taylor
Page 7Tales of the Line - Betty Taylor
Page 10The Station - Janet Crow recalls her station master grandfather
Page 15St Fillan's station - photographs from Janet Crow that we could not resist
Page 16From one station to another - Eleanor Robertson's memories of the 'wee fourie'
Page 12From the Wide Blue Yonder to Dunning - Robert Matthews (A Peter Duncan investigation)
Page 17A tree in Castle Cottage garden - Jimmy Smith explains Peggy Calder's tree
Page 19An old Dunning connection - John Scott Cree and his ancestral link to Dunning
 April 2007 Newsletter 59 (Spring 2007 Dunningite)
Page 3The Dunning Gas Works - Jim Smith
Page 6 School Report 2007 - Simon Warren, Carol and Ted Dorsett
Page 8 Dunning 1900 School Board (the way they used to run schools!)
Page 9 The Doig Collection - articles collected by Kirsty and David Doig
Page 9 Dunning 1900 Church Choir Excursion - To St Fillans by bus!
Page 10Two Careful Occupants - Christine Dickson tells the story of Allan House
Page 14Dunning’s link with Freemasonry - The latest Peter Duncan investigation
 July 2007 Newsletter 60 (Summer 2007 Dunningite)
Page 3The Bakehouse - Simon Warren
Page 6Fifteen Years On - Still Quietly Helping - Lorne Wallace
Page 9Remembering Cameron - Kay Williams reviews Ted Dorsett's film.
Page 10S.E.R.F. 2007, but not our saint. - Gordon Noble
Page 11Where is it? A know your Dunning quiz
Page 14What's in a mile? - KC Murray on milestones.
Page 16A.G.M. Report - Simon Warren
Page 18The Dunning Flower Show - from the Doig files
Page 21Berrypicking in 1951 - photo
 October 2007 Newsletter 61 (Autumn 2007 Dunningite)
Page 3St Paul's Church - Peter Duncan describes the building of it
Page 8Still the Butler's Son, John Stockley - Lorne Wallace
Page 12A Dunning Summer - photos
Page 16Another Sentimental Journey, John Stockley - Lorne Wallace
Page 17An Old Pump Restored in Kirk Wynd
Page 18Dunning Woodland Challenge - Felicity Martin
 January 2008 Newsletter 62 (Winter 2007/8 Dunningite)
Page 3Murder at Mount Stewart - Janet Crowe
Page 7Dunning Heather Football Club - 1936 team photo.
Page 8The end of the school portacabins - photos.
Page 10Cragie School 2007 Evacuees to Dunning
Page 12St Serf's in the Snow - photos by Felicity Martin
Page 14Memories of Old Dunning. A 1922 letter given by Heidi Robertson
Page 21Toys for Yound and Old - Coffee Morning photos
 April 2008 Newsletter 63 (Spring 2008 Dunningite)
Page 3From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - a Thomson family story
Page 8More about the 2007 evacuees - Carol Dorsett.
Page 9The Thorn Tree. Geordie Watt's poem
Page 10Forgandenny - A place in History. Simon Warren reviews a new book
Page 12Springtime in Dunning - photos by Felicity Martin
Page 14Train Crash at Dunning - Phil Bowden
 July 2008 Newsletter 64 (Summer 2008 Dunningite)
Page 3Memories of Summers in Dunning - Charlie Coutts on pre-war school holidays.
Page 8Recycling Dunning - Simon Warren captures another History Now moment
Page 9Dunning Primary School History Prize-winners 2008
Page 10A Yankee Doodle Clay Pipe from Dunning
Page 11Maggie Wall (A short story and poem by Allan Thomson)
Page 12The DPHS study visit 2008 (Aberdeenshire in April)
Page 14Beyond the Blue Yonder - the Gowans story, by Rae Worcester
Page 21Facts and Fancies. Judy Harper reads a new book by Moira Cherrie
 October 2008 Newsletter 65 (Autumn 2008 Dunningite)
Page 2View from the chair - Elizabeth Fletcher
Page 3Are you looking for the Palace? (Chrissie Lacey on Kenneth MacAlpine's home)
Page 8The DPHS Bus Run (Your editor on an enjoyable outing)
Page 9'Loconeurosis' (Neilina Young on her son's obsession)
Page 10More Digging in Dunning (The Serf Project work on the Dunnock)
Page 11A Village Artist (Liz Piggott interviews Lorna Radbourne)
Page 14Growing up in Dunning (Allan Thomson - tales of his youth)
Page 17Dunning, its parochial history (from the 1873 book by John Wilson)
 January 2009 Newsletter 66 (Winter 2008/9 Dunningite)
Page 3The First Dunning Bank (Margaret Bancewicz and Morna Lochtie)
Page 6The Battle of Dupplin Moor (Alan Hay)
Page 11The School Report (Carol Dorsett)
Page 12Dunning's latest find - Our 1718 Sundial.
Page 14Wide Blue Yonder - Dunning to South West Victoria (Maxwell Lay)
 April 2009 Newsletter 67 (Spring 2009 Dunningite)
Page 3The Rollo Recreation Ground 1946-1971, part one (Ian Philip)
Page 10 The New Dunning School (Simon Warren, Carol Dorsett and Janet Crowe)
Page 17The Letters Page - Including Kincladie Place Spot The Changes (page 20)
Page 22The New Committee
  July 2009 Newsletter 68 (Summer 2009 Dunningite)
Page 3To Celebrate our National Award - The History of DPHS (Lorne Wallace)
Page 12The Story of the Dunningite - in colour. (Photos by Lorne Wallace)
Page 14Dunning to Downing Street. Allan J R Thomson continues his life story.
Page 17 A Man o' Pairts. (Joe Taylor's multi-tasking)
Page 19Archaeology in Dunning: Serf Report (Tessa Poller)
Page 20Archaeology in Dunning: At the bottom of our garden (Albi Sinclair)
  October 2009 Newsletter 69 (Autumn 2009 Dunningite)
Page 3The Stone and the Dagger - Kist find at Forteviot (Albi Sinclair)
Page 7At the berries in the '90s (Sheena Proff)
Page 9History of Dunning's Water Supply (Jim Smith)
Page 12A Dunning Summer - photos
Page 14Three Generations of Wilson Joiners (Anne Craig)
  January 2010 Newsletter 70 (Winter 2009/10 Dunningite)
Page 3The Dunning Homecoming Event (Albi Sinclair and other members)
Page 10Kenny Laing's photographs, drawings and plans.
Page 12It CAN snow in Dunning (Felicity Martin's 2007 photos.)
Page 14School Reports (Time Capsule and Tea Dance - Albi, Carol and pupils)
Page 17Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder. Wm Ferguson of Owen Sound (Mrs Ella Kinnear)
Page 20Another WBY story - A gift of a Campbell family book for the DPHS Library
Page 21Book Review - A new History of Perthshire Battlefields
  April 2010 Newsletter 71 (Spring 2010 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning Schools - a short history (Jim Gale)
Page 9School Update
Page 10St Serf and the Tabby Cat (Albie Sinclair)
Page 12Dunning Schools 1717 - 2009
Page 14Dunning Water Powered Sawmill (David Doig)
Page 16Another mystery to be solved - TA Camp 1907?
Page 17The Steeple stair (Another of Kenny Laing's drawings)
Page 20The New Committee
  July 2010 Newsletter 72 (Summer 2010 Dunningite)
Page 3 Dunning 1511 (Peter Duncan explains the significance of the Borough of Barony)
Page 6 Tales from the Test Pit (Albie Sinclair and what was found in his garden)
Page 8 Labyrinth and Totem Poles ( Dunning Primary School's latest art project)
Page 12A Dunning Spring (what the colourful DPHS has been doing)
Page 14Solving the Mystery - Military Camps at Dunning 1907 (Andrew Dickson)
Page 16Uncle Sid’s Postcard (Albie Sinclair’s First World War memento)
Page 19From Dunning to the Blue Yonder - Discovering my Scottish Roots (Linda Moore)
  October 2010 Newsletter 73 (Autumn 2010 Dunningite)
Page 3Memories of the Girl Guides (Eileen Moir remembers her youth)
Page 8 Songs, Songs, Songs (a call for your songs)
Page 10 School Report - on the DPHS(Carolyn Jackson and Dorothy Sharman)
Page 12Another Dunning Summer (photo collage)
Page 14A grave find in her backyard (Zara Aslam and Simon Warren)
Page 16Before and After (changes to Dunning after Placecheck)
Page 17SERF Project Report 2006 - 2009 (booklet review)
  January 2011 Newsletter 74 (Winter 2010/11 Dunningite)
Page 3The Dunning Flower Show (from the talk by Jim Smith)
Page 11 Tiger Lilly (Andrew Dickson's unusual flower)
Page 12 Simon's Winter Gallery (photos of the snow)
Page 14Dunning's Young Historians (Albi Sinclair's School Report)
Page 15How well do you know Dunning? (A Jim Gale Quiz photo)
Page 16The SERF coffee Morning (Report by Albi Sinclair)
Page 17Me and My Neighbour's Window (Calum Petrie)
  April 2011 Newsletter 75 (Spring 2011 Dunningite)
Page 3The Editor's Choice (Raymond Young)
Page 4 Inspirations: The HOuse and House Painter (Lorne Wallace)
Page 8 A Dunning Crossword (David Wilson's brainteaser
Page 9Community Pavilion before and after (Simon's photos)
Page 10Felicity Martin's Tour of Obelisks and Monuments
Page 14The Kippen Estate fro sale in 1950 (The old Catalogue)
Page 19Albie Sinclair reports on Walter Perrie's latest book.
  July 2011 Newsletter 76 (Summer 2011 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning's Mysterious Hole in the Wall (Lorne Wallace)
Page 8Fall of a Railway Bridge (Marjory Roy's newspaper cutting)
Page 10More Storm Damage (a before and after photographic essay)
Page 11Developing History (Albie Sinclair explains our new project)
Page 14School Report (more updates from Albie Sinclair)
Page 16The continuing mystery of Maggie Wall (a new theory)
Page 18Dunning's Thorn Tree (from an 1883 book submitted by R. Cannon)
  October 2011 Newsletter 77 (Autumn 2011 Dunningite)
Page 3The big ‘little Dunning Market’ (Albie Sinclair tells the Dunning 500 story)
Page 20Special Dunning 500 souvenir offer (postcards by Simon Warren)
Page 21Some Dunning 500 final comments
  January 2012 Newsletter 78 (Winter 2011/12 Dunningite)
Page 3History of our Annual Scots Night (Simon Warren tells the story)
Page 6Growing up in Dunning (Margaret Colville remembers her youth)
Page 8Kippen House - last Occupants (Eileen Moir)
Page 12Scots Night over the years (photographs by Simon Warren)
Page 14Trading in on History (Albie Sinclair reports on the DPHS Coffee Morning 2011)
Page 18Final word on the Barony (Planting commemorative oak trees.)
Page 21Duncrub House (The original pre-1870 house)
  April 2012 Newsletter 79 (Spring 2012 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning's Prisoners of War (Lorne Wallace on Mary Arthur's memories)
Page 6From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - A Policeman's Son, William McKeich.
Page 8Our Wintons from Dunning - Simon Warren reviews Barbara's new book.
Page 10More from Mary Arthur's photo album.
Page 14A Penny for your thoughts - Paul Hudson's search for his ancestors.
Page 16Suspects Safe Haven. Lorne Wallace on the links with a famous English case.
Page 18 Huff and Puff and I'll blow your Historic House down. Raymond Young.
Page 21 The new committee.
  July 2012 Newsletter 80 (Summer 2012 Dunningite)
Page 3We don't do obituaries (Remembering Lorne Wallace)
Page 7 In the beginning (How the Dunningite was started with some early articles)
Page 12 A Dunning Early Summer (Dunning Fayre, Concert in the wood and mini-Olympics)
Page 17Lorne and the Dupplin Cross (a reminder of the story and Lorne’s open letter)
  October 2012 Newsletter 81 (Autumn 2012 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning's Big Dig (Garden Archaeology)
Page 8The Big Dig - The University View (Dr. Louisa Campbell and Kevin Grant)
Page 10 The Forgotten Man - Alexander Martin (Simon Warren)
Page 12SERF 2012 and The Big Dig in colour
Page 14Who was teh female Town Crier or Bell Woman? (Simon Warren
Page 16An Old Flame - A topical Torch Tale (Mary Arthur)
Page 12Cissie in Toyland (Vic Westwood's old programme)
 January 2013 Newsletter 82 (Winter 2012/13 Dunningite)
Page 3 The Search for Alexander Martin (Vera Bowman Smith)
Page 6 Dunning Post Office (Simon Warren investigates)
Page 10 Another Mystery Object (a recent donation to the Society)
Page 11 School Photos (35 years apart)
Page 12 A Dunning colourful Winter - 2012
Page 14 Pantomime Time (memories from Mary Arthur and Ian Buick)
Page 16 Another From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - Daniel Baird (Janette Peebles)
Page 18Another From Dunning to ...Perth - William Gray (Trevor Fulton’s research results)
 April 2013 Newsletter 83 (Spring 2013 Dunningite)
Page 3Land Girl at Chapelbank (Barbara Greenwood’s cousin-in-law’s letters)
Page 12 From the DPHS Museum (Simon Warren - our Hepworth projector)
Page 16Are these the children on the front of the Glasgow Kellies? (Mrs Mary Gill)
Page 19The Saga of the Promise Auction (Bill Peebles tells a bit of our own history)
Page 21 SERF Update (Kevin Grant on some of 2012 finds)
Page 21 Can you help? (some names from one of last edition’s photographs)
 July 2013 Newsletter 84 (Summer 2013 Dunningite)
Page 3What is the Future for Dunningite? (Editorial)
Page 4The Book of the Lantern (Simon Warren)
Page 7The Origin of The Paully (or is it Polly?) (Peter Duncan)
Page 10DPHS Invades England (Weekend in Carlisle)
Page 12From the Doig Archives
Page 13The Letters Page
Page 16Summer in Kincladie Wood (Janet Crowe's old photos)
Page 17Our Cover Painting by Tom Shanks RSW RGI (Bill Peebles)
 October 2013 Newsletter 85 (Autumn 2013 Dunningite)
Page 3The Jacobites and Dunning(Jim Gale)
Page 6St Serf's in 1951 (Tam Hoey's old photographs)
Page 8A Short Dunning Detective Story concerning William Duncan
Page 10The Big Dig Comes to Granco Cottage (Judy Harper)
Page 11A Perth Museum Exhibition (Woods, Forests, And Estates Of Perthshire)
Page 12Dunning - Summer 2013
Page 14The History Within - One Man Went to Sew (Mike Barwick
Page 16The Wintons from Newton of Pitcairns (Marjory Strongman)
Page 18The Town Crier (Trevor Williams)
 January 2014 Newsletter 86 (Winter 2013/4 Dunningite)
Page 3Joe Lester's Golf Club Flask (Mike Graham)
Page 5The Challenge of Tracing your Ancestors (Simon Warren)
Page 7The Thorn Tree - 1890s
Page 8The Thorn Tree Inn (Marion Robertson)
Page 9A Colonial Soldier's Search for his Family Roots (David Sims)
Page 10From Dunning to the Wide Blue Yonder - Helen Marshall (Kathy Thomson)
Page 11Coffee Morning 2013
Page 14The Murder of James McLellan in 1846 (Lindsay Watt)
Page 18Lawrence MacDonald Sculptor 1799-1878 (Andrew Dickson)
  April 2014 Newsletter 87 (Spring 2014 Dunningite)
Page 3The WW1 Commemoration Project (Jim Gale)
Page 9Young Photographers (The results of the School's photo competition)
Page 10Dunning Steeple Bell (a 1914 poem)
Page 12Scots Night 2014 (Photos)
Page 14News from the Front (Rosemary Boag's grandfather's letters from WW1)
Page 18From the Newsletter - 20 years ago (some memories from 1994)
Page 20The New Committee (Photo)
Page 24School Prizewinning Photos
  July 2014 Newsletter 88 (Summer 2014 Dunningite)
Page 3The View from the Chair (Jim Gale)
Page 4The Tale of Peter McNiven (Duncan MacNiven)
Page 9Photographs from our archives
Page 10A Dunning Early Summer
Page 12A Linocut of Maggie Walls' Cross (Charlie Dear)
Page 14The Letters Page
Page 16From the Newsletter - 20 years ago
Page 18The Dunning Dragon
  October 2014 Newsletter 89 (Autumn 2014 Dunningite)
Page 3Holidays in Dunning 1940s -1960s - Brian Boag
Page 6 Dunning's link to Tam 0' Shanter - Ian Buick
Page 8 The DPHS WW1 Research Project Update - Jim Gale
Page 12Dunning Summer 2014 (Colour feature: SERF, Flower Show, Duck Race)
Page 14Still Searching for Alexander Martin - Simon Warren
Page 16SERF 2014
Page 18St Serf's Church Stipend - Andrew Dickson, Teinds, bolls, firlots, pecks, lippies
Page 20Do you know?
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon
  January 2015 Newsletter 90 (Winter 2014/15 Dunningite)
Page 3A Different World War 1 story (Patricia Wallace on Winnie the Pooh)
Page 7The Cross returns to Forteviot (Frances Philip on the replica Dupplin Cross)
Page 8Our WW1 project - Duncan Fergusson (Andrew Taylor on his ancestors)
Page 12Dunning in Autumn 2014 - History Now photo feature
Page 14From our Archives (when David Doig won the Friends of the Ochils award)
Page 16Dunning Prepares for the Great War (an eye witness from our archives)
Page 18My Holy Grail (Jenny Chadwick's family history quest)
Page 20Still searching for Alexander (Simon Warren sets the right time)
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon
  April 2015 Newsletter 91 (Spring 2015 Dunningite)
Page 3Glebe House - Sara Wood tells the story of her house
Page 8Dunning Hysterical Society Haggis Logistics (a new game)
Page 10Archaeology and New Technology (Ian Philip - new investigation techniques)
Page 12DPHS winter activities (Photos)
Page 14The DPHS WW1 Research Project Update (Jim Gale)
Page 17The New Committee
Page 18The Letters Page (Garvock House)
Page 19Life in Lowland Scotland in the Time of Burns (Jean Young)
Page 20THE SERF PROJECT 2015 and Beyond (Rosemary Versteeg)
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon
  July 2015 Newsletter 92 (Summer 2015 Dunningite)
Page 3Memories of a 1960s student farm worker (Brian Boag)
Page 9 More for and from the Archives (Thanks to Carol Barraclough
Page 10Dunning Angling Club (Andrew Dickson)
Page 12Little Dunning Fayre 2015 (Alan Duff’s photographic memories)
Page 14Alexander Martin (1802 –1874) (Adam G R Spence)
Page 16My Walk to Keltie (A poem by Glenys Richardson)
Page 18The Dupplin Cross (Simon Warren brings us up to date)
Page 19The Letters Page (Bill McKeich), and a correction to April's Glebe House article:
 The minister was James Campbell MacKinnon, not John.
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon
  October 2015 Newsletter 93 (Autumn 2015 Dunningite)
Page 3Kincladie Wood (Maarten Versteeg)
Page 9 Trevor Williams and the Wood (An introduction to Trevor’s photographs)
Page 10Preview of SERF exhibition and this year’s archaeology
Page 12If you go down to the wood today (Trevor Williams photographs)
Page 14More on our World War 1 project (Jim Gale shows the latest research)
Page 18The Letters Page
Page 20 Update on the Thorn Tree
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon
  January 2016 Newsletter 94 (Winter 2015/16 Dunningite)
Page 3Early Memories of Dunning (the first part of the Nov 2015 meeting)
Page 7 The New Interpretation Board in Kincladie Wood (Maarten Versteeg)
Page 8 From Dunning to Australia and Back (Janet Crowe, about a WW1 Dunning man)
Page 10The Curfew Bell (An 1891 article from the Doig collection)
Page 12Memories of Winters Past (Photos)
Page 14The Jacobite Burning of Dunning (A collection of memories)
Page 16The Martin Fountain - some historical writings (More from the Doig collection
Page 18The Letters Page
Page 21Dunning Ghosts? ( Simon Warren asks a seasonal question)
Page 22 The Dunning Dragon.
  April 2016 Newsletter 95 (Spring 2016 Dunningite)
Page 3The Roman Camp at Kincladie (Maarten Versteeg)
Page 11 Tron Square - some time ago (Photographs with a question)
Page 12 Commemorating the burning of Dunning in 1716 (The January DPHS evening)
Page 14How Many Tents? (Albie Sinclair illustrating the new Kincladie board)
Page 18More on our WW1 Research Project (Jim Gale )
Page 22The Dunning Dragon
Page 22The new DPHS Committee for 2016-7
  July 2016 Newsletter 96 (Summer 2016 Dunningite)
Page 3The Future of the Society (Jean Young on behalf of the Committee)
Page 4 Dirty Knees and Dungarees - Alan Smith
Page 6 More on our WW1 Research - Jim Gale
Page 10Duncrub 1992 - Sharon Hann
Page 12Little Dunning Market 2016 - Photos by Alf Marshall
Page 14Employment in Dunning just before WWII - Jim Smith
Page 16The LettersPage
Page 20 Oswald Villa - Pat Cockburn
Page 21 Dunningite Future Editorship - Raymond Young
Page 22The Dunning Dragon
  October 2016 Newsletter 97 (Autumn 2016 Dunningite)
Page 3 SERF Community Outreach 2016 - part one (Dr Kevin Grant
Page 8 More on our WW1 Research Project (Jim Gale)
Page 12 Aerial view of Dunning (Simon Warren)
Page 16 Kincladie Wood - Maarten Versteeg on DCT’s recent award
Page 18 Peter Duncan (Simon Warren's - tribute to a well loved person)
Page 20 The Letters Page
Page 21 The Dunning Fountain
Page 22The Dunning Dragon
  January 2017 Newsletter 98 (Winter 2016 Dunningite)
Page 3SERF 2016 - part 2 (Simon Warren)
Page 7The Dunning Fountain 7 (Maarten Versteeg)
Page 18More on the WW1 research project 18 (Jim Gale)
Page 21 The New Sculpture (The latest addition to Dunning’s streetscape)
Page 22The Dunning Dragon
  April 2017 Newsletter 99 (Spring 2017 Dunningite)
Page 3Dunning in War and its Sopwith Camel(Maarten Versteeg)
Page 13J Wright Draper or Burnbank House? (Mary Arthur's photos)
Page 14Sports in Dunning - the Tug-of-War cup. (Vera Bowman Smith)
Page 17Dunning 50 years ago(first part) from The Third Statistical Account
Page 20The Merrymakers (A photographic memory)
Page 22The Dunning Dragon (And a photo of the new committee)
Page 23The Society's Annual Report and Accounts
  July 2017 Newsletter 100 (Summer 2017 Dunningite)
Page 3 The Dunningite - 100 not out. (the Editor reflects on 100 issues)
Page 6A Favourite Article (the late Ken Laing's article on the Thorn Tree)
Page 8Dunning's Shops in the 1920's and 30's (Albie Sinclair maps the shops)
Page 16A new future for St Serf's? (a new initiative)
Page 17Dunning 50 years ago(second part) from The Third Statistical Account)
Page 20The Letters Page(and an appeal for more sport photographs)
Page 22The Dunning Dragon
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