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Cycling around Dunning.

Blaeberry Toll 4.16Kb

One day, I keep promising myself, I'll hand this web site over to someone else and return to my previous hobbies, which include cycling and photography. However, I have to admit that the site often leads in interesting directions including opportunities for these very activities.

A recent enquiry sent me off on my bike one evening to see what had changed since a Society walk in June 1997 which was reported in Newsletter 21.

Broadheadfold 3.48Kb Knowehead 3.53Kb

A 3 mile uphill slog to Blaeberry Toll (above) was well worth doing for the fun of riding on forest tracks to Knowehead and Broadheadfold, and of course the freewheel down again. Knowehead, derelict on our previous visit, is now restored and occupied, with sheep quietly grazing. The ruin of Broadheadfold by contrast is unchanged.

Trinity Gask Church 3.34Kb Findogask Church 3.29Kb

And then two unconnected enquiries about Gask (which is outside our Parish) gave me reason enough for another short tour: North to Duncrub, climb to Gask Ridge and return by Kinkell Bridge and Auchterarder. A very enjoyable 16 mile circuit, once more with the hardest work near the start of the trip.

The churches of Trinity Gask (left) and Findo Gask (right), separated by about 3 miles, are very similar.

Forgandenny Church 5.58Kb

To complete the answer to one of these enquiries I cycled the same evening to photograph Forgandenny church, in the opposite direction and in yet another Parish. This was about 6 miles each way with no climbing to speak of. A beautiful clear calm evening. A disco for a garden wedding party seemed only to emphasise the peace.

Map of local circuits 3.98Kb

Actually Dunning is a super place for cycling, and indeed cycling is very popular here both with locals and tourists. A great number pass through, some of them doing the end-to-end (Lands End to John O'Groats).

We've a choice of two gently undulating 6 mile circuits which are ideal if you've not been on a bike for a while. Then there are several loops of 10 to 30 miles or more which provide interest and challenge enough for an evening run.

These are all on quiet country roads with little or no traffic. There are also several forestry tracks for those who like to get off road. There are pleasant views to be had from anywhere, and most climbs are rewarded by views of wide horizons and distant highlands.

And with a day or more to spare........

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