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Dunning War Memorial

Dunning War memorial


The photo shows the front of the War Memorial in Dunning. You can see two plaques.
The lower, square one, says: 'Erected by the inhabitants of Dunning and District in grateful memory of the men from this neighbourhood who fell in the Great War'. The top one is smaller and curved and says 'These four tablets were added in memory of those who died in the war 1939 - 1945.

This is a complete list of all the names that appear on the Dunning War memorial. The order of the names is as on the plaques, right hand side, back, left hand side, top to bottom in each case.

SgtAndrew SmallBW15 Dec 1944
Pte.Cameron WalkerBW8 Dec 1944
L/Cpl John Mitchell GH 30 Dec 1944
Pte.Duncan McG. LaidlawRASC14 march 1945
CaptJohn W. LawsonM.C. MGC24 Mar. 1918;
2nd Lt David MartinOx&Bk.L.I. 25 -
PteWalter Orr5th Dgns -
Cpl John Wallace S.R. -
Pte Alexander Campbell Sts.Gds 24 May 1918
L/Cpl Philip HawdonA & S.H.21 st June -
- William L. CroweAus.I.F.6. July -
CplDavid SymonB.W.19 - -
PteRobert W. BettB.W.30 - -
L/CplAlexander WintonLdn Scth21 Aug -
-Andrew Y. FraserA & S.H.5 Sep -
PteJames W WhytockCan.C.Bge.9 Dec -
PteAlastair DoigBW2 Nov 1942
-Peter McB. LaidlawBW8 Dec 1943
CplLaurence WhytockLS4 Feb 1944
SgtRobert MattewsREME12 Feb 1944
Dr.James CalderRASC17 May 1944
2nd Lt.Thomas d. WilsonA.&.S.H.23 rd April 1917
PteCharles ReidC.Hrs.16 May -
2nd Lt.William DonaldsonR.S.5 June -
PteJames GardinerSts. Gds.31 July -
-Donald McLaurinB.W.11 Aug -
Spr.William CrosbieR.E.22 Aug -
PteWalter BoagS.Horse26 Sept -
-Daniel DewarA & S.H.25 Oct -
-George HowieB.W.6 Nov -
2nd LtIan D CampbellR.F.C.30 Nov -
PteRobert HepburnH.L.I.2 Dec -
-Duncan BarbourB.W.21 Mar 1918
2nd LtDavid A.G. ThomsonB.W.28 May 1940
S.t.George MillarM.N.9 Sep -
PteAnthony McLauchlinB.W.6 May 1942
Dr.David A WestwoodRASC2 Oct 1942
Pye.George McLeeSts.Gds.23 Apr 1915
-William SwanB.W.25 Sep -
-Alexander CameronB.W.10 Oct -
-James WintonSts. Gds.30 Mar 1916
-John DougallS.R.20 July -
L/CplJohn H. BrownB.W.23 July -
PteDuncan McLaurinB.W.5 Sep -
-George M. FraserLon.Scth.15 Sep -
-Duncan FergusonB.W.15 Nov -
-William DuncanSts.Gds.13 Dec -
-David ReidH.L.I.18 Jan 1917
-George AuchterlonieB.W.9 Apr -
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