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Recent Primary School Trip
By one who was there

It was just after nine when the Moffat and Williamson coach departed from the school. Parents stood on the pavement waving to us. At last. Away from school! We had a long journey South ahead of us. Julian and me sat up front. It was a bit boring there, but I survived. The journey lasted for two long hours until we changed drivers at Glasgow. We carried on for three more hours, this time they went quicker.

When we arrived at Old Trafford, my first impressions were that it was big. I was right. Standing behind the door was a huge statue of the famous Sir Matt Bushy. I didn't notice this because i was dying for the loo! After we'd been, our tour started. First of all, we went into the conference room. This was where journalists come to talk to the players before and after a match. Another room we went in was the lounge. They kept the 'International Honours' board here. To the left of the room was the creche. This was where Brooklyn would go when his dad was playing a match. Later. we headed off to see the pitch. I was quite surprised to see that the pitch was smaller than I thought. Also, the pitch had a curved edge, so they obviously trusted the fans. In the gift shop, I bought a badge- exciting!

Just down the road was Mega Bowl. We had tea first thing, it was at Whimpy! I was getting really annoyed with Neil, so Julian and me got to move. The burgers and chips there were horrible! After our pathetic excuse of a meal, we went to find our bowIing allies. We had two games. I wasn't very good, but I got a half strike twice!

Because the food wasn't very nice, we went and bought some pizza from down the road - much better! we travelled South for about three more hours. It was very dark when we arrived at the Travel lodge. I was quite tired when we got there and was wanting my bed. If I'd have known what it was, I would have hung around. Inside our rooms were a double bed, a sofa and a mattress. It was very hot in the hotel, and I didn't sleep very well, especially when William purposely knocked a huge pillow on my head!

Millennium dome Photo (8.34kb

After breakfast in the little chef, we set off down to London to the Dome. It was huge. We had to split up into groups to look round. Once inside, the first thing visible was the body. I was very impressed by the size. but inside it was very disappointing. It was just escalators with snippets of music. Th play zone sort of made up for it though. That was the second place we visited. There was a large over-head projector thing with a plastic stool and a plastic table in front of it. On the desk was a button and a ball. By pressing the button and rolling the ball you could activate a futuristic piano. It was really good fun. I had a go twice! There was also a game where Iights flashed and you had to hit them as they came. The rest of the dome was a fluke. It was ok, but there was certainly better ways to spend money. The staff were quite grumpy aswell. We had lunch at McDonalds after we had been to see the show. The show was the best part. It was bright and colourful. There were lots of trapeze artists and stilts. After buying some sweets and having tea at McDonalds (again great!) we moved on.

Millennium dome Photo (10.1kb

The next journey was the longest and it was to the Park Hotel - Bridlington. It was after eleven by the time we arrived. i was tired, but trying to stay awake because I knew what had happened last time. John (our coach driver) had to reverse down a long straight road. He was really good! Inside the hotel, I thought it was a bit weird, because there was no air and there was a sign saying Come celebrate with us, it's Christmas! We found that inside the room there was two Holy Bibles. Cameron and me pretended to read them and then teasing the primary fives that we'd read it all and told them tales of chocolate walls and food poisoning. Breakfast was fried. It was really nice.

We next went to York Dungeons. When we went in, I was expecting a surprise. When one did happen, I jumped! It was just like a big haunted house, but all of the information I found out, I didn't really need to know. I thought the Dungeons were not the best part of our trip.

We went to the Yorivik centre next. We went round in carts. There was some good ideas there, but it smelt. It was a bit quick, but what there was of it was alright.

The Shambles was just across the road. This was a big shopping market that sells just about anything - especially Belgian chocolate ice cream. Mrs A. bought us that. We spent a while in the shops, and I bought a beanie baby. We walked back to the bus and set off to Eden Camp.

When we arrived, we had to watch an old fashioned music hall. This was a puppet show with different puppets playing different characters. There was Vera Lynn, Albert and the Lion, and many more. I couldn't see because an old guy was sitting in front of me so I stood up to watch. Eden Prisoner of War Camp was split up into lots of different huts. My favourite was the Blitz because you were in a burning building. Screams and shouts could be heard. I opened a door and this woman screamed. The other huts portrayed different scenes of world war two aswell. Eden Camp was exciting.

Roundabout sketch (2.21kb

Later that night, after tea we had a disco. The D.J was good, although he did play the same songs over again. I danced to most songs apart from STEPS! - yuck!. There was a shouting competition, I couldn't speak at the end, but I didn't win!

Our last visit happened the next day to Beamish. It was an old fashioned viIlage with sweet shops, dentists, fairs and other shops. I bought a long, feather quill. The fair ground was fun. I wasn't on the merry go round and then on the swing boats with Julian. I would have liked to go to the coal mine. but we didn't have time.

After a long, five hour journey, we arrived home. The journey had been exciting. Ross had been sick all over the floor, and a very recent accident happened just after the Forth Road Bridge, but I was glad when we got home. I had missed it. In the car, my mum told me that the cat had died on Thursday. I was quite glad he went peacefully. In all, it was a good week.

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