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This item is by Lorne Wallace.

Capturing the Hidden

Working in autobody repair might not seem a natural lead-in to amateur photography. What on earth does the physical job of beating metal have to do with the discriminating eye for shade and light and colour which a photographer must have?

But think about it for a moment. If you're working at a place like Muirton Coachworks, Auchterarder, repairing many marques and models of automobile, you're making important decisions every day about subtle shades of colour and fine detail. To match up paint exactly on a car where you're replacing a door panel or a mudguard, you have to have a keen and quick eye for hundreds of tones of a single colour. And you have to do it right if you're going to stay in business.

first photo
first photo

Trevor Williams lives in Dunning. He has owned and operated Muirton Coachworks for 37 years. Before that, he learned his trade (and developed his eye for colour) in his native Worcestershire. He and wife Pam moved to Perthshire in 1970.


Roadside Thistle

Rose Bay Willowherb

Common Teasel

Trevor began dabbling in
photography many years ago.
First it was slides. Then Prints.
Now it's digital photography

Garden flowers have always
been a favourite subject.

first photo

Whenever he can, especially at
village events like the Dunning
Flower Show, Trevor will snap

That is, when he's not in the
thick of an event himself.
That's him on the left sorting
out winners at the finish line of
the 2007 Dunning Duck Race.

first photo
first photo

Shelf Fungi


The latest passion for Trevor
Williams is photographing
often-forgotten wild flora.

first photo

And Dunning is the place
he's focused on.

It's just a step from his Ochil
Gardens home to the fields and
hedgerows and woods

Rose Bay Willowherb

(left) Rose Bay Willowherb

Red Seed Stalks

Red Seed Stalks

first photo

In late summer and autumn
Trevor looks for seedheads,
nuts and berries.

first photo
first photo

The camera he uses is a
Nikon D40X.

Tiny flowers Brambles Green Acorns

For capturing plant life that is often overlooked,
a macro lens is essential.

first photo


Kincladie Wood, owned by the village through the
Dunning Community Trust, lies beside the Perth Road
a few hundred yards from Dunning.
shelf fungi

Shelf fungi

moss and lichens

Moss and Lichens


Kincladie is rich in fungi.

Pink Fungi

Most of the fungi grow from
the rich brown earth of the
forest floor.

But other fungi grow on cut logs..

Log End Brownies

...and fallen branches.

pink shelf
first photo

...or old stumps.

Through his camera, Trevor is
helping us catch a glimpse of an
often unseen part of our natural

first photo
Red Puff Ball Grey Lichens Big Purple Leaves

His photographs are a record of some of Dunning Parish's most fleeting inhabitants.


(left) Stinkhorn

Red Trio

Red Trio

Red Berries

Abundant Red Berries

(right) Cone sprouting

Forest Floor Flat Fungi.

Flat Fungi

Trevor Williams, capturing Dunning's hidden corners.

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