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This item is by Simon Warren with photos from several contributors.

The 2020 Dunning Flood

During the evening of 11th August it started to rain heavily - then continued to get heavier! Thunder and lightening developed until it was almost continuous. The storm finally fizzled out at about five thirty next morning, by which time over four inches of rain had fallen.
Lower Granco The Ford
Duck Race Bridge Kirk Wynd Flooded

The burn very quickly became a raging torrent.

Several folk who have lived here since their primary school days in 1948 say they have never seen such flooding.

The burn has always been quick to change, and by mid-morning it was almost back to normal.

But the devastation it caused will remain visible for quite a while to come.


The garage bridge
Lower Granco Cleanup The garage bridge path.

The clean up started early.

Later we discovered how badly the much loved walk up the Den had suffered, with severe damage to the footpaths and two of the three bridges wrecked - one washed away well downsteam.
(Luckily the Tory Brig was completely undamaged).

Bogle Bridge wrecked

Within a few days a volunteer repair gang got to work in the Den with the help of a JCB.
The photos below are very much "work in progress". There is still a great deal to do.....

Second Bridge washed away
Second bridge replaced Bogle Brig replaced
Replacing a path The repair team
The Duck Race Seat

The remains of this planter seat installed in 2017 were found up a tree over a mile downstream.

The Ford Flower Bed Replaced

Lower Granco residents replaced the flower bed at the ford only two days later!

If there's one thing to take away from this experience it must be the incredible resilience, community spirit and willingness to help others that exists in this village.

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